New Overwatch Comic and In-Game Event for Tracer


Just yesterday, Blizzard released a new five-issue Overwatch comic series called “London Calling,” which follows the life of Tracer while in London after Overwatch disbanded. To celebrate the comic series’ release, Blizzard announced the beginning of an in-game tie-in event called Tracer’s Comic Challenge.

This event gives you the chance to win limited-time rewards; this includes sprays that have voice lines, icons, and even an all-new epic skin. Here’s how it works: winning three times during Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade will give you a new icon. If you win six times, you’ll earn the spray.

The top-tier reward, which is the Comic Book Tracer epic skin, can be earned if you win nine times. That being said, you can also win more sprays if you want to by watching streamers play Overwatch on Twitch. If you watch a cumulative two hours, you’ll get one spray. Four hours will get you two sprays, while six hours will earn you three.

Tracer’s Comic Challenge is now up and live on Overwatch, and it will continue to be so until September 28. For the comic series, however, digital issues will be released every month, but a physical edition from Dark Horse Comics will also be released in the future.

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