New Pokemon Go Air Adventures Event Postponed

Pokemon GO is still going strong five years later, with lots of events and gameplay changes to keep the smartphone game exciting. However, the next Pokemon Air Adventures event has been postponed.

Pokemon Air Adventures is meant to provide in-game benefits to Pokemon GO users who travel. Initially, Pokemon Air Adventures would center on Okinawa, a Japanese island, with a unique Okinawan kariyushi shirt Pikachu to be spotted and captured as a reward. Fans who were hoping to add one of these Pikachus to their collection as soon as possible will have to wait a little longer.

The planned Pokemon Air Adventures event has been postponed, according to official Pokemon GO social media platforms. Niantic hasn’t given an explanation for the delay, just noting that it is due to “recent developments.”


On the other hand, Fans were eager to point out that the current increase of COVID-19 instances may be to blame. It would be foolish for Niantic and The Pokemon Company to encourage travel when the epidemic may resurface, so the event may be postponed until conditions look safer for potential passengers.

This presumably means that Shiny Corsola will not be accessible when originally anticipated, in addition to postponing the release of the special Pikachu. While a basic shiny variation of a Pokemon does not have to be connected to a certain location, the Pokemon Air Adventures partnership was revealed. Of course, Niantic could always release the shiny Pokemon to compensate for any disappointment that fans may be experiencing right now.

While the COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge influence on the globe, including video games, Pokemon GO has managed to adapt and thrive. While in-person activities like these may be disrupted, the general gaming experience was altered to allow users to continue enjoying the game while locked up at home under quarantine.

It’s unclear whether previous events will have an influence on the next Pokemon GO Fest, which is set to begin on Saturday. This year, Niantic intends to host in-person events with social distancing mechanisms in place, although last-minute adjustments are always possible.

In any case, players may join the event from anywhere in the globe, so even if local meetings are rescheduled or canceled, the game will have plenty to keep them occupied during the weekend.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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