New Pokemon Set To Arrive For Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2021

Pokemon GO players have already had a chance to participate in several interesting events and Special Research opportunities during the Season of Mischief, which began in early September. As the month progresses, it’s time to start anticipating forthcoming events, such as Fashion Week 2021, which will keep the excitement going until September.

For the past few years, the mobile AR game has featured a Fashion Week event, but this year’s highlights may be a little more interesting than normal. Pokemon GO will not only include new avatar accessories and trendy costumes for chosen Pokemon, but it will also introduce a new Pokemon during the event.

May be a cartoon of text that says 'Natural Form Heart Trim Star Trim Diamond Trim Debutante Trim Matron Trim DandyTrim Dandy Trm La Reine Trim Kabuki Trim Pharaoh Trim'

The initial explanation and teaser for this year’s Fashion Week event hinted that a new Pokedex entry would be accessible during the event, but the clue was too obscure to guess who it might be. The initial teaser of a “fluffy and stylish buddy” now has a teaser image to go with it, narrowing down the choices considerably.

Although Niantic hasn’t verified which Pokemon will be released in plain text, the silhouette image appears to correspond to Furfrou. This Normal-type Pokemon from Generation 6 has yet to debut in PoGO, although it appears to fit the teases.

This year’s Fashion Week will take place from September 21 to September 28 and promises to include “Stylishly dressed Pokémon, as well as a fluffy and stylish buddy!” During Fashion Week, flaunt your style with these stylish Pokémon, new avatar accessories, and more.”

It’s conceivable that more debuts may be announced at the event, but the material so far points to one brand-new launch and a slew of fashion debuts that include new costumes and avatar goods. Even if that’s the case, a new Pokedex is still a fun event in the mobile AR game, and it should help generate a little additional buzz around the Fashion Week event and its associated activities.

Exact spawning, costumes, perks, and items for the event should be announced closer to the September 21 start date, so fans should keep an eye out for those specifics, as well as any special limited-time activities or awards that may be available during the event timeframe.

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