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Getting the little ones to bathe inside a tub can be an overall dreadful experience when your toddlers resist the act of getting inside the bathtub. Do you also face the same difficulty? Want to know how you can make bathing a fun-filled activity for your kids?

Here are a few ways in which you can get the little monsters to come forward for a bathing session:

Be prepared

Preparation is the key wherein you should be ready to cut the crap of hassles and be geared up beforehand. Before you get your kids to the land down in one of the finest bathtub editions from Victoria Plum, make sure that you keep all the other necessary staples such as toys, stories, etc., ready.

Also, keep their clothes, towels, and other essentials handy so that you can easily access them after the bathing session.


Bedtime stories are not just restricted to be chanted when you get your kids to sleep but also when you get them to bathe. Stories and bathtubs go hand in hand when you have kids who play their tantrums for getting inside the tub.

You can easily entice them to get inside the bathtub by narrating their favorite story while they enjoy a quick swimming session inside their tub.

Introduce toys

Bathing need not be boring anymore, where all you find is a frustrated mommy scrubbing their cry-babies. You can consider introducing toys for the toddlers to let them enjoy some playtime while they swish inside their bathtubs.

Also, when you get them playing, you can easily complete your rubbing and scrubbing goals without much fuss. Especially when you have the task of washing your baby’s hair, get them busy with water toys and see how easily you can accomplish your task.

Fun with bubble baths

Toddlers do not essentially need a lavender or rose bath to get over their stressful nerves. You can consider skipping the regular and traditional soaps and introduce a bubble bath instead. Kids always fall for bubble baths, and introducing the same can never make you go wrong with your efforts of getting your toddler inside the tub.

A plethora of bubble baths are available for kids in the market, you can purchase them in their favorite colors to allow them some additional fun while they have a splish splash in their bathtubs.

The artsy effect

Another way to get creative is by using different types of bath accessories that are designed specifically for kids. Using bath paints stands to be an effective tool to bring out the artsy side of the kids and further lets the kids have some colorful fun while bathing.


These were a few things that you can try while you get your toddlers inside the tub. Trying these tips and hacks can help you stay at bay from their tantrums and make their bathing experience a lot merry and joyful. So what are you waiting for? Try these tricks and see how your kids get busy and find bathing an enjoyable activity.

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