New Pokemon Unite Update Nerfs Sylveon Moves

Sylveon, a Fairy-type Pokémon, has been nerfed in a new game patch, according to the developer of Pokémon Unite. Sylveon is one of the most recent additions to Pokémon Unite, joining the roster of fighters earlier this week, following the September arrival of Mamoswine. Sylveon has quickly become a fan favorite among players, thanks in part to its powerful attack moves.

Pokémon Unite is a 5-versus-5 MOBA in which teams battle against opposing Pokémon in short matches to score goals. The game first appeared on the Nintendo Switch before making its way to mobile devices in September.


With over nine million downloads on Switch alone, Pokémon Unite has been a resounding success for developer TiMi Studio Group. However, the release still necessitates regular rebalances for its ever-growing roster of pocket monsters to ensure fair matches between players. Bugs have also been an issue for some users, with Pokémon Crustle and Lucario needing to be fixed recently.

Pokémon Unite confirmed on Twitter that a balance patch dated today, October 8, will nerf two of Sylveon’s moves. Both Hyper Voice and Mystical Fire’s damage dealt will be reduced, making the fan-favorite fighter less overpowered in battle. The balance patch, which is now live, will have no effect on other Pokémon characters, but those who prefer to use Sylveon as their main character should notice a difference the next time they log in.

The latest Pokémon Unite patch may be disappointing for those who enjoy blasting their way through opponents with Sylveon, but it should improve the game’s overall quality. Having OP fighters can give some players a significant advantage over others, resulting in imbalanced and unfair matches.

The developer hasn’t said how much Sylveon’s Hyper Voice and Mystical Fire have been nerfed, but it should make opponent Sylveon much more accessible to battle. More character buffs and nerfs are expected in the future as the game evolves and grows.

Since its initial release, Pokémon Unite has received regular updates, with new Pokémon being added every few weeks. A previous Pokémon Unite datamine leak suggested that Generation One characters such as Nidoking, Tauros, and Venonat could be joining the game in the future, though the developer has yet to announce the next fighters formally. Fans can keep an eye on Pokémon Unite’s official social media channels to see who will be joining the game’s roster next.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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