New Valorant Patch 1.06 Nerfs Shotguns

After their week-long break, Riot Games is now back and they have brought with them a new Valorant patch. However, some fans are disappointed by this update, as it doesn’t really provide anything new to the game.

In fact, there aren’t a lot of changes to be found here, and the only major update is the fact that they nerfed the shotguns. The accuracy for all the shotguns you can use in the game has been reduced while you are firing in the air. To be more specific, they changed the spread penalty when in the air from 0.5 to 1.25, which means that you will no longer have extremely accurate results while you’re jumping and trying to shoot with a shotgun.

The development team also added in the patch notes:

“While shotguns are doing well in situations they are supposed to, there’s been overly frustrating moments where people are accurate with these weapons while in the air. We hope to curb some of those encounters while still making them possible if you catch an opponent at a short distance. We’ll also be investigating more potential changes to shotguns now that we’re rested.”


Aside from this, there have also been some minor changes to Phoenix and Breach’s blinding abilities. It is indicated that the new patch will be able to hint to the player when it’s time to look away and when it’s okay to look again using audio and visuals. However, there is no clear indication as to how this will present itself in the game.

Other bug fixes, such as a fix for disappearing HUDs, have also been included in this Valorant patch. Compared to previous updates, patch 1.06 is definitely the smallest one yet. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since Riot Games recently took a week off.

One thing we noticed that is missing in this patch, however, is the fix that they promised for the Killjoy exploit on Split. If you’re not aware of this, this is the glitch where Killjoy is able to place her turret under the map and provide her teammates with unlimited information. Hopefully, they’ll include this in a future patch.

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