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Tesla is now safe from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after it closed the probe for the “Passenger Play” gaming feature, which highlighted driving safety concerns to over 580,000 EVs of the company.

The investigation started in late 2021 after the US agency received reports indicating that the game could actually be played by anyone inside the car at any time. That included the drivers even with the cars moving. This raised concerns over distracted driving, causing NHTSA to start an investigation that could potentially cause the recall of half a million EVs. Thankfully, the federal regulators have resolved the issue with Tesla, which rolled out an update to disable the feature.

The company released the over-the-air software update after talks with the agency, which continued its investigation. It took a month before the update reached 97% of the affected vehicles, but it finally ended the officials’ concerns. However, while the NHTSA said there are currently no safety-related defects in the EVs, it warned the company that it could still take necessary action if new ones are discovered. 

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