If you’ve ever engaged in a discussion related to art, I’m sure you’ve heard the word contemporary being used before. It also appears in interior design. When thinking of designing one’s home, styles and themes may vary, but it’s safe to say that contemporary interior design is an extremely popular choice for many.

This article will hence provide you with the top 10 ways to help spice up your home aesthetics, to achieve that contemporary look. And, if you’re looking to redesign your house, check out the best custom home builder in toronto! With that, let’s get on with the article.

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

The term contemporary was popularised in the late 1900s and has a similar meaning to modernism. This art form mixed both the early traditional styles, while also incorporating modern and trendy aspects to it. As a result, this formulated the now popular art themes like ‘minimalism’ and more.

Basics of Contemporary Interior Design

Because contemporary interior design is so versatile, it provides a lot of creative freedom for many designers to be able to experiment with different styles. There are extremely popular forms of design that most of us are aware of, like Scandinavian minimalism, which infuse both traditional and modern art concepts.

By now, you probably can get sensing of the key idea surrounding contemporary design, which is the idea of simplicity. This can be seen through its minimalistic use of patterns, strokes, and even colors.

With this knowledge on the fundamentals of the contemporary design aesthetic, let’s take a look at its specific aspects in further detail. After this, you will be able to turn your home into a contemporary one too!

Contemporary Design and Decorating Ideas for Home

1. The Color Palette

Contemporary design should be pleasant and calming to the eye, which is why the colors used usually incorporate very neutral and light tones. Colors like white, black, and grey are extremely common. This isn’t to say that brighter colors are out of the picture! Instead, pastel colors like pink can help accentuate simple contemporary designs.

2. A Hint of Texture

Due to the simplistic look of the designs used in contemporary art, there is a larger emphasis placed on the other aspects of design, an important one being texture. Some people are hesitant to incorporate different forms of fabrics and material, due to worries of it looking messy and unkempt. However, as long as it is well balanced and not excessive, these added textures can be an extremely nice touch to an overall minimalistic home.

3. Curved but Clean Lines

Lines are the fundamentals of every work of art and are especially important in contemporary design. There are a lot of creative ways to present simple clean lines, and its versatile nature can also create different vibes in your home. Learn how to play with straight and curved lines in your interior designs, and you’ll be surprised at how different your home can feel.

4. Minimalism and Decluttering

A messy and disheveled home will never look like a contemporary one. Hence, it’s important to always maintain a clean and tidy home. Having small areas and cupboards where you can keep anything unsightly away from the naked eye is the key to having a minimalistic home. After all, who wants to come home to a place where everything is strewn around messily, with no compartments to store them?

5. Craftsmanship With Modern Styling

When it comes to your home furniture, always remember that while aesthetics are important, contemporary design emphasizes even more heavily on functionality. The simpler the design and structure of the furniture, the higher the chances of it also being more user-friendly.

6. Light Fixtures

Next, another key aspect of a home is the lighting. To achieve a contemporary look, most of the lights should be kept high up on the ceiling, and simple in design. If you wish to incorporate more intricate forms of lighting, like chandeliers, you should do so in larger areas such as the living room.

7. Natural Elements

A big part of what shaped contemporary design is its minimalism and simplicity. There is nothing more minimalistic than the aspect of nature in itself, and hence this is a key aspect of what shapes a modern contemporary home. Due to the neutral colors that are likely to pervade most of the home, it’s important to have wooden and brown tones to create an effortless blend of the various aspects of nature and minimalism.

8. Stainless Steel Equipment

Don’t underestimate the aesthetics of stainless steel. Although we mainly associate these with more unsightly and unappealing appliances, like the basins and stovetops, they can create an extremely nice touch to the contemporary look. A shiny surface will emphasize the quality of cleanliness, which we all know is integral to contemporary design.

However, with these appliances, it’s also important to remember that maintenance is crucial. Do remember to polish them constantly, to maintain their timeless and glamorous look.

9. Multifunctional Room Ideas

Making good use of the space is extremely important in minimalism. Hence, there are now a lot of different ways to incorporate multifunctionality into our homes. Inventions like sofa-beds are extremely common in contemporary homes and emphasize the idea of simple living even further.

Now that you know all the different aspects that comprise a contemporary design, let’s move on to the next step– Putting it all together!

How to Implement Contemporary Designs in Homes?

Contemporary Bedroom

Minimalism can start in the bedroom. Get rid of any items on and under your bed you don’t need and get bed sheets that have neutral colors and patterns.

Contemporary Living Room and Hall

The living room should be kept as open-looking as possible, so do remember to have various compartments with doors to store away any items that present as an eyesore. If you wish to spice it up, incorporate rugs and carpets that have minimalistic patterns and colors.

Contemporary Kitchen and Dining Area

In the kitchen, you can incorporate the use of stainless steel for various essentials like the sink and basin. It’ll also be good to incorporate wooden cupboards and shelves to warm up the look and feel of your entire home.


Now that you know what contemporary interior design is all about, you can now begin your journey to refurbish your house into the contemporary home of your dreams!

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