So far, Nintendo has only revealed that the new Switch console will be launching sometime in March. But according to Laura Kate Dale’s Twitter, the system’s debut maybe March 17th.

Laura Kate Dale: March 17th is Nintendo Switch’s release date

— NeoGAF New Threads (@NeoGAFNewThread) November 2, 2016

Dale has been known to offer tidbits of industry-related info in the past, and in previous instances, has been fairly accurate. You may recall that she is the same individual who correctly guessed when Nintendo Switch trailer would debut, based upon her own private sources.

Weeks ago, it was speculated that the Nintendo Switch could be region-free, a major point which Dale predicts might still be kept intact for the system’s launch.

I’m still hearing Switch is region free.

— Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) November 2, 2016

Another vital tidbit that is bound to create a lot of buzz suggests that Nintendo is working on multiple Nintendo Switch bundles. A separate source claims that the company has plans to release a Rhythm Heaven game with Nintendo characters. Further, the Switch bundles will start out at $260 for a basic bundle, $300 for a Mario bundle, and $340 for a Zelda bundle that includes the Pro Controller.

While these particular details are interesting, we’re still waiting to hear more. Gamers are eager to know more about the system’s specs, battery life, RAM, and overall graphic performance. Until the conference gets underway (or new leaks emerge), we’ll just need to sit tight and take these new kernels of info with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: Sourcing and information about Rhythm Heaven and related titles updated.

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