Latest No Man’s Sky Update Allows Players to Adopt Alien Pets

No Man’s Sky was released in 2016, and it actually wasn’t as well-received back then as it is today. The initial launch of the exploration survival game garnered polarizing opinions, and its developer, Hello Games, had to revamp and re-haul the game in every possible way in order to provide fans the experience that was initially promised to them prior to the game’s release.

Its years of effort didn’t go to waste, though—Hello Games was able to successfully change No Man’s Sky for the better. In turn, it managed to keep the fans who were passionate about the game, as it slowly added new features that made the game better like VR support, co-op, third-person perspective, base building, and a lot more.

Even now, Hello Games hasn’t stopped supporting No Man’s Sky. As a matter of fact, a brand-new update has been launched. In this update, a completely new gameplay feature has been included, which is the ability to have alien pets and let them accompany players on their journey.

The announcement was made on Hello Games’ official Twitter account as well as on a PlayStation Blog post, which was accompanied with a new trailer showcasing what the new companion update has to offer. Naturally, the video highlighted how the new pet update will work and what fans can expect from it.

The official trailer for the Companions update is only a little over a minute long, but it was able to convey what it needed to. It begins with a player character catching the attention of their alien pet with a whistle. Afterwards, the companion begins to follow the player character around. As the trailer continues, it becomes clear to see that any creature—no matter its size—can become a trusty sidekick in No Man’s Sky with this new update.

Whether it’s a regular-sized creature to a massive one, they can be seen following their owners as they traverse the game’s expansive world. Not only that, it appears that players can summons these companions anywhere in No Man’s Sky’s world, which makes them great decorative cosmetics players can boast about to their friends, or simply a buddy to have around when playing the game solo.


The excitement doesn’t end there, though; it seems that with this newest update, players will be given the option to ride on particular creatures that have been made into pets. There’s one part in the trailer where the player character can be seen riding on top of a sizeable creature that looks similar to a beetle.

Through the PlayStation Blog post, Hello Games founder Sean Murray also says that players who have pets will be able to feed them as well as play with them. If the companion and the player have formed a bond with each other, then it can even help the player out with different tasks, like hunting and fighting. Although, this will completely depend on how deep their relationship has become.

The more players interact with their pets, the closer and more bonded they will be. The creature’s home planet will also affect its personality and traits. Meaning to say that the needs of one player’s pet may not necessarily be the same as the other.

This new Companions update is definitely an exciting addition to No Man’s Sky, even impressing fans with how far it has come and how much it has changed for the better.

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