Platinum Games Provides Update On Bayonetta 3

To say Bayonetta 3 is one of the most anticipated games right now is an understatement. PlatinumGames provided a fresh Bayonetta 3 update in response to fan demand, assuring that the game is still being developed.

PlatinumGames has released few updates on Bayonetta 3’s development since it was revealed four years ago at The Game Awards 2017. The most recent news came at E3 when Nintendo’s Nate Bihldorff assured fans that Bayonetta 3 was still alive and well in production.

While some may have been relieved by the news, it was an update with nothing to show for it other than an answer to an interviewer’s query, forcing fans to trust the creators’ word. With the most recent update, it appears that the game is still a long way from being officially revealed.


Bayonetta 3 director Hideki Kamiya gave a brief update on the game’s development in a recent interview with VGC. When asked if the game will be released before the end of the year, Kamiya gave a hazy response, saying that there was no guarantee of a reveal this year but that now is as good a time as any to unveil anything.

“If you recall, even though everyone was inquiring about Bayonetta 3, I suggested that you tell everyone to forget about it for a bit,” he continues. For the time being, I feel compelled to maintain that attitude because, in the end, it is not up to us to decide what to say and when to say it.” This is consistent with Kamiya’s previous statements, in which he advised fans to ‘forget about’ Bayonetta 3 for the time being.

Atsushi Inaba, the head of PlatinumGames, was also interviewed and gave a little more direct remark on Bayonetta 3’s development. “There’s no need to panic,” Inaba says as if reassuring fans. Don’t be concerned about that right now.

It's Not Our Call” Platinum Games Responds to Bayonetta 3 Inquiries

“Everything is fine.” Kamiya and Inaba both expressed their desire to demonstrate the game. Still, they were unable to do so since Bayonetta 3’s publisher, Nintendo has the ultimate word on what can be spoken and shown. While Bayonetta 3 isn’t officially in development limbo-like Dead Island 2 or Beyond Good & Evil 2, it certainly seems like it is.

While the news may appear to be too discouraging, there is a silver lining: Bayonetta 3 is still in the works. Furthermore, there is still time for the game to arrive, with three months remaining in the year. With reports circulating that a Nintendo Direct would take place next week with The Game Awards 2021 just a few months away, there are a few high-profile events that Bayonetta 3 might attend. Hopefully, Nintendo will take a chance and show out the game.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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