Nubrac Banned For Playing Teemo Mid Support

The ADC who flashes when your help last-hits their cs, the mid-laner who starts taking your jungle camps, the tilted top-laner who runs it down mid – we’ve all been there. Trolls, flamers, and afkers are sadly common in League of Legends, and Riot Games does its best to punish them with bans when necessary.

What happens, though, if a player is disqualified for what he describes as a genuine off-meta tactic rather than deliberately feeding? That’s just what the League of Legends subreddit has been debating for the last few days.

The story first gained traction thanks to a post on the League of Legends subreddit, which said that Famous Nubrac had been suspended after fellow streamer Nightblue3 took issue with his Teemo mid support choice and reported him to Riot.

The article, which was skewed in favor of Nubrac and against Nightblue3, included a comparison to a video showing the two streamers’ perspectives during the match in question:

YouTube video

When Nightblue3 notices Nubrac leaving his ADC to help Irelia in the mid-lane, he threatens Nubrac with a two-week ban in chat. In chat, he called Nubrac a “f***ing loser” and told him to “say bye-bye to your account.”

Nubrac defended his play-style at this point, claiming that he had done nothing wrong, citing the 1-0 score and the fact that he had assisted Irelia in getting first blood. He said that his goal was to put Irelia in the lead in the mid-lane and that Sivir in the bot-lane could handle the enemy bot-lane 2v1 and win every time.

However, their squad had 9 deaths and just 2 kills by the ten-minute mark, and Nubrac’s teammates began to give up. They lost the game after afking in their fountain.

“I haven’t broken any laws. That’s what I do: I come up with new ways to win games, ” Nubrac said. “I didn’t take any cs on purpose – I just played like a regular help except in the mid lane.”

With over 400 games with Teemo, he has a 48 percent win rate, but it’s unclear how many of them were played mid-support. He’s played with Nightblue3 in two other games in the last few weeks, one of which they won together when Nubrac chose Leona, and another in which Nightblue3 defeated him on the other side (Nubrac had another Leona pick).

Nubrac received a 14-day suspension for “disruptive behavior in the game such as trolling, griefing, purposely feeding, or intentionally attempting to lose the match.” He sent a ticket to Riot and inquired about the ban’s reasons:


Riot’s reaction shows that the ban is for more than just this match. As detailed in this subreddit article, other famous League of Legends players responded to the news, including those who defended Nightblue3:

Nubrac and Nightblue3 had a one-on-one chat on stream about whether or not Nubrac’s acts were punishable. A few days later, Riot has also banned Nightblue3 for making threatening remarks to Nubrac in the game listed below.

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