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Video gaming has transformed into an industry that deserves millions of dollars but has become an international sensation too. Video games have started evolving and engaging players. In recent years, the growth of competitive adventure has seen the emergence of some of the most popular esports titles worldwide.

Whether you are a devoted gamer or a risk-loving bettor, you should know the history of modern esports. In this article, we will cover the old video games that have become huge hits these days.

League of Legends (2009)

You don’t need to be a high-roller to know the classic video game – League of Legends (LoL). Its legacy is hard to deny considering its impact on the whole video gaming sector. Its fan base includes millions of gamers across the world.

Originally released in 2009, LoL has turned into the top competitive gaming title in the world. Despite having complex gameplay, it offers an ultimate experience to those who like challenges. Apart from playing the game at home, they can join many professional leagues for League of Legends in South Korea, Japan, the United States, and other countries.

Are you fond of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL)? Or are you into the League Championship Series (LCS)? Adult fans can check match odds and wager on these tournaments. The popularity of LoL and other classic titles has been determined by the entertaining nature of video games. Its complexity causes excitement and engagement. Meanwhile, its accessibility makes things even more attractive as no excessive funds are required.

Famous FPS and Hero Shooter Games

Shooter games have become a determining element of the gaming industry. From the traditional Space Invaders to the modern Fortnite series, gamers started paying more and more attention to this form of entertainment. They are available in a great variety. Moreover, they offer excellent features which make the gameplay exciting and profitable at the same time. Gamers can have a wide range of tournaments devoted to FPS games, each of which has a constantly growing prize pool. This makes possible winnings reach as high as millions of dollars.

Look at the main gems of the industry – Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. These games have become legendary for all the right reasons. We shouldn’t forget about Counter-Strike. Since 2000, the game has become the absolute favorite among gamers. Its storyline with thrilling missions could not stay unnoticed by the esports gaming community. Top CSGO players have gained the status of superstars for their performances in esports tournaments. Just look at s1mple, Nicola Kovac, Mathieu Herbaut, Kenny Schrub, and many others. Their success serves as a great inspiration for other gamers around the world. Following their performances gives a better idea of how to conquer the esports gaming world.

Street Fighter (1987)

Street Fighter is definitely one of the oldest video games in the world. Originally founded in 1987, the game has undergone multiple transformations over the decades and has always remained one of the most popular battle adventures in the world. It has recently seen a renewal in popularity as a competitive gaming title, with millions of gamers now competing in esports events for large rewards. This became a thing thanks to the competitive esports environments. Gamers are open to old turn new opportunities in the gaming field. And Street Fighter seems to be a great spot for that.

The latest success of Street Fighter has been determined by its simple but deep gameplay, encouraging players of any skill level to fight with each other. Additionally, the game has been approached by the esports community, with skilled teams and players now participating in tournaments and leagues around the world. This has placed Street Fighter on the line with other mastodons like League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

Are you a fan of classics? Feel free to join one of the numerous events organized for Street Fighter. Mid-Season Invitational, ESL One Berlin Major, and The International are just a few options to consider in the long run. Don’t let your luck run out before you start gameplay.

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