It is better to shop online, especially when you can save a lot. At the Walmart online shop, OnePlus Nord N200 5G is offered with a discount. Here are the features you can enjoy about this phone. 

You know the good things about the Snapdragon™ 480 5G mobile platform and how it supports multiple frequencies so that you can stream higher-quality movies, series, and games in more places.

But here is perhaps a thing you might not know. N200 5G is one of the most affordable 5G-ready phones out there.

With its long-lasting 5000mAh battery, it is no longer necessary to keep track of the closest power outlet. You can charge when and where you want to from here on out.

Life is too precious to watch movies haphazardly. The phone’s big 6.49-inch screen with full HD brings a new level of clarity, turning every moment into an immersive experience. It will be like the cinema, except that you are at home. Or on a bus.

Forget the difficulties of a low refresh rate. A 90 Hz display is 50 percent faster than the standard 60 Hz. That means more responsive swiping and a peace-inducing smoothness while scrolling. You will get these from this phone.

Plus, it also has three rear cameras and many features such as AI scene detection, and the Nightscape feature that captures sharp and brilliant images, even in low light.

It also has a 16 MP selfie camera that helps you show the world all the cool things you are doing with striking clarity.

You will also love the fingerprint sensor feature mounted on the side of the phone. With this, you can comfortably identify yourself and wake up the phone in one intuitive motion without even looking at it.

Running dozens of apps simultaneously and storing tons of movies and games isn’t necessary — but it sure makes for good times. You will need this feature: 4 GB RAM combined with 64 GB storage to ensure you do not miss out.

OnePlus Nord N200 has dimensions 6.55 by 0.35 by 3.50 inches.

Check deal here. Never settle. 

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