Online Chinese Game ‘Sands of Salzaar’ Gets an English Release

Sands of Salzaar, a Chinese online RPG, was an immediate hit when it launched on Steam in January. In fact, the game sold around 50,000 copies during its first week. During that time, English speakers would have a hard time playing the game as it was only available in Simplified Chinese. However, having it translated to English was a top priority for the developers.

Now, Han-Squirrel Studio and XD Network have confirmed that Steam Early Access will introduce an English-release this September 22, 2020. This will finally make the game fully accessible for those English speakers who have been dying to try out this fantastic open-world RPG.

This upcoming English release will include new story content as well as 30 new quests. Along with that, the game with its 500,000-word script will be fully translated to English, so you definitely won’t miss anything.

The Steam Workshop will also support mods for Sands of Salzaar, which means new characters, custom maps, and more will be made available once the English edition is launched.

The game is set following the fall of the Old Empire, which means that rival the factions are trying to take hold of people. Sands of Salzaar is an epic open-world sandbox game, where you get to make allies and enemies as well as participate in all kinds of fighting – from small-scale brawls to all-out war.



For now, XD Network is running a closed beta test for the English version of the game.

Honestly, Sands of Salzaar looks very promising and we’re more than excited for the English release so that we can try it out ourselves. If you want a more hands-on experience, you can join the Discord server so that you can participate.

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