It’s hard to believe, but based on the information provided by Ahrefs, 5 out of 10 top search engine pages have backlinks. What does this mean? First, it speaks to Google’s bot’s trust in linking sites.

Secondly, it adds to the importance of a service called outreach. In this article, we’ll take a look at what outreach is and why it’s needed.

Defining Outreach Link Building

Outreach is a link-building method designed to promote services. How does it work? Outreach link building is based on an agreement with bloggers or site owners, the key condition of which is to place ads on a certain web resource. In simple words, it is advertising, which is aimed at people rather than counting conversions and other statistics. Most often, it means placing material with a backlink, a mention of a brand, or the usage of a banner.

Don’t Look at the Obstacles, Focus on the Goal

The main purpose of a service like outreach is to attract new customers by creating mutually beneficial backlinks. This way of link building improves organic rankings. Not only does outreach help build link mass on a site, but it also has a great effect on increasing brand awareness and building trust with the audience.

Pros and Cons of Outreach

We can point out the next advantages:

  • search and reach your target audience. The process itself is cold, but thanks to building contacts with different web resources, you can promote your services or find new clients;
  • instant results. Within one month, you will be able to use a large audience, but not everyone succeeds. For more information, click here;
  • in outreach, there is nowhere without email marketing and that’s good! Why? Personalized email advertising has long-established itself in a good light with an Open Rate of up to 82%. In addition to that, posting on blogs and websites where your target audience spends time is another personalized way to present your brand.


  • a time-consuming process that may not yield the desired result in the end. Outreach requires analyzing and preparing a list of resources that are of interest to your target audience. Not paying proper attention to this step is tantamount to wasting your time;
  • outreach is a complex ecosystem of cyclical activities that must be done manually. Many companies hire a separate person to do this;
  • the cost of such a service. If you didn’t know, outreach is expensive. Placing one link costs from $300 to $500, and a guest post up to $100. If it doesn’t end up getting results, it’s a big money loss.
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