The newest Overwatch map is finally here: Horizon Lunar Colony. After being teased on Monday evening in a post by fictional news organization Atlus News, Horizon’s ready for testing on the PTR.

The Horizon Lunar Colony, as fans may remember, was Winston’s birthplace. Here, a group of monkeys and apes were given gene therapy, which made them hyper-intelligent. But apparently, not all went according to plan, as Horizon has been silent for quite some time.

Now, communications with the base are reestablished (as we saw on Lijiang Tower, and was hinted at in datamined audio), and it’s up to attacking and defending teams to battle for control of the station while finding clues about what happened to the scientists.

Check out the first screenshots of the map:





Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has said previously that there are six maps in the works, with this being the fourth, though this is the first map to join the regular rotation. Horizon joins the three Elimination maps that were released at the onset of the Overwatch Anniversary event: Castillo, Black Forest, and Necropolis.

It’s highly possible there are some hints contained in the map about the next Overwatch hero as well, as Jeff Kaplan suggestively said that the next hero is “just over the Horizon” during an interview. As the preview post said, there were strange sounds coming from the vents of Horizon – and Specimen 8, Hammond, is missing. He’s a “smaller” experimental subject, perhaps small enough to fit in the vents.

Horizon likely won’t hit live servers during the Overwatch Anniversary event, set to wrap up on June 12, but you’re able to test it right now by downloading the PTR, through clicking on the region drop-down menu in the Blizzard Launcher. Get to work, Overwatch supersleuths.