Paleo Diet for Athletes

A Paleo Diet for optimum athletic performance which is efficient for peak health and weight loss based on the Stone Age diet chart for humans that were designed to eat. Paleo style diets are very efficient for athletes and players who want to perform their job in an event. It has been adopted with high protein and low processed food diets to fuel our daily exercise.

Serious athletes come to immediately before or directly after workouts; they need to bend the rules of the Paleo Diet when they are placing demands on their body. When this diet was not suitable for Stone Age ancestors, but it has been revised for our present performance. An hour after hours of sustained high energy output, we need for quick recovery when the serious athlete’s have unique demands in the athletic field. It requires some latitude to use nonoptimal foods for a limited basis. Now I am going to discuss eight Paleo Principles for Athletes; these are given below:


  • Try to eat natural foods instead of processed foods like Burger or junk foods.
  • It is a good idea to enjoy plenty of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Use a limited amount of refined grains and sugars.
  • Try to increase consumption of lean protein, which includes skinless poultry, game meats, fish, and red meat.
  • Always try to eat omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts, fish, and other natural sources.
  • Always try to avoid Tran’s fats and limited saturated fats by avoiding fried foods with hard margarine. It is possible to avoid commercial baked goods with most processed and packaged snack foods.
  • It is a great decision to avoid substitute polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which includes olive and canola oils for saturated fats such as milk butter. It is very helpful for your body fitness.
  • Try to drink pure drinking water as your main fluid.


Paleo Recipe for Athletes

Paleo recipe is a great dietary plan for today’s athletes. Once, people used the regular dietary chart for maintaining body fitness, but this plan has been changed with respect to time. Nowadays, most of the people are health conscious than other periods, that’s why they like to take high nutritious items as food. Now it is a question, what is the Paleo Diet plan for Athletes?

Step 1:

Eating before Exercise

Many doctors recommend the athletes to eat low to middle Glycemic index carbohydrates before two hours of a long workout or race. It may be some fat and protein in our meal. All foods must have low in fiber. We need to take it in 200 to 300 calories for each hour remaining before exercise starts.

Step 2:

Eating During the period of Exercise

During the period of hard workouts, we will need to follow high Glycemic index carbohydrates in the form of liquids. We know that sports drinks are fine for this purpose.

Step 3:

Eating Immediately After exercise

In the first 30 minutes post workout, we need to use a recovery drink that contains both proteins in a 4-5:1 ratio and carbohydrate. We can buy a commercial product as like as Ultrafit recovery for this. We can make our own paleo diet plan by blending 16 ounces of fruit juice with a standard size banana.

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