Nowadays, social connectivity is the new trend in this electronic era. From children to the grownups, all are busy with different apps, streaming online videos, games, and what not. The world is coming closer day by day, but such an environment can be very dangerous for your children’s. Their behavior is changing day by day. Proper control and timely check-up on their activities are very necessary. With the help of iPhone parental monitoring app, you can observe the activities of your kids. If they are in the wrong direction, you can guide them with the needful. Such preventive measure helps you in variable ways. This app compiles with exciting features; let’s have a brief look at them.

Call History

With the popular iPhone parental monitoring app, you get access to the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s mobile phone. You can keep a watch on the calls, date, numbers, and duration of the calls. This ensures the safety of your child in every manner.

Text Messages

Now track every single outgoing and incoming messages in your Childs Smartphone. Through this, you can keep the record of the conversation of your child with their friends. This will help you to check your child’s involvement in awful activities.


View all the photographs on your child’s mobile phone and even get access to the other relating media from the internet. This will help in monitoring the behavior of your child. In case they are miss-using their phone, then you are able to take strict action against them. Thanks to the iPhone parental monitoring app.


There are times when your child may gag you about his current location and be elsewhere. This app is capable of providing the location history of your child. It will also guide you about the time and date with the exact location.

Web History

This feature enables you to observe the online activities of your child. Everyone wants their child to be safe and secure. Streaming illegal and bad sites can badly affect their brain. With the help of this app, now have an eagle’s eye on your child.