Paradise Lost Releasing Later This March

Later this month, Paradise Lost, a post-apocalyptic adventure that combines Slavic mythology with futurism and technology, will be released.

Paradise Lost is an exciting project from PolyAmorous, a studio that believes in the potential and value of gaming. Players will take on the part of Szymon, a 12-year-old boy who is mourning, who will go through the five stages of grief.


Already a frightening subject, Paradise Lost gives World War 2 a terrifying twist: instead of lasting just six years, it lasts twenty in Paradise Lost, resulting in a post-apocalyptic wasteland version of Europe. Szymon is accompanied by an enigmatic girl called Ewa, whose real motives are unclear.

Szymon reveals himself in an underground Nazi bunker while trying to solve the puzzle of his heritage in Paradise Lost, a vast environment built to accommodate not just Nazi troops but also people to keep the place going.

Players will explore the shelter, search for answers, and solve puzzles, with little to no fighting occurring in PolyAmorous’s debut game. The basic controls, PolyAmorous states, are supposed to attract attention to the essential relationships.

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According to the trailers, Paradise Lost has beautiful architecture that is backed up by layers of plot. According to the writer, depending on the player’s decisions, the story of Paradise Lost can branch in various directions, affecting the characters, graphics, and sound effects. In addition, aspects of Slavic mythology would be present in the post-nuclear era.

Players that pre-order Paradise Lost, which will cost $14.99, will receive a 20% discount on Xbox One and a 34% discount on PC from GOG.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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