Rogue Company Introduces New Playable Character Seeker

Rogue Company, a 4v4 team-based multiplayer shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, has added a new character to its roster. Kestrel, a founding member of the Rogue Company who uses the Riptide Assault Rifle and the Knight SMG to deal with enemies, was revealed in a Rogue Company cinematic trailer last month. Seeker, a 21-year-old Olympic medalist in archery who shoots arrows with scanning ability to provide intel for his squad, joins the game this month.

Seeker’s talents were noted by the Rogue Company crew, and they agreed to introduce him into the group. He aided in the attack on the Jackal’s Hollow foundation, which will be released as a new map as part of Season 1 content.


Seeker carries a number of weapons in addition to his bow. He has Sticky Sensors that he can put in strategic positions to detect enemy activity, as well as Bounce Grenades that he can use to hold opponents on their toes.

Seeker’s first trailer shows him practicing his weapons. His arrows appear to ricochet several times before ceasing to be a threat, along with his Bounce Grenades. Seeker’s willingness to collect intelligence positions him squarely in the Intel Rogue group, and he’ll join Rogue Company members like Dallas and Talon in hunting down enemy locations and setting up favorable engagement opportunities for his squad.

In a packed gallery of team-based shooters, Rogue Company has managed to find an audience. Since its launch as a PC exclusive on the Epic Games Store, the game has expanded to over 15 million subscribers. Rogue Company has also piqued the attention of gamers, landing in the top ten most successful titles on the Epic Games Store in 2020.

Seeker is the most recent character to be added to the game as part of the Season One update, although further characters are expected to be added as 2021 progresses. Since its debut in 2020, the free-to-play Rogue Company has received daily updates and shows no signs of slowing down.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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