Patch Notes Released for Final Fantasy XIV 5.31 Update

A brand-new update for Final Fantasy XIV has dropped, bringing new content as well as bug fixes to the game. Patch 5.31 focuses on the side story called the Ishgardian Restoration, which will feature several story and side quests.

This new, third phase for the Ishgardian Restoration brings with it the construction of a brand-new commercial district. As such, there have been some adjustments made to the items from the previous phase. For instance, you can no longer collect stamps for the Kupo of Fortune.

Not only that, but there have been some updates made to the Diadem. For one thing, you now have the ability to gather new items in the Diadem and then give them to Flotpassant in the Firmament.



Among the many additions, you will find a new hairstyle as well, which is based on an FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest entry. In order to use this hairstyle, however, you first have to unlock it. In order to do so, simply talk to Enie and exchange the Modern Aesthetics Saintly Style with 1.800 Skybuilder Scrips.

The Final Fantasy XIV 5.31 update also features a brand new emote, a new Megalotragus Mount, new and adorable parasols, as well as new glamour items.

Just like your regular patch, this one also features system and bug fixes. There are countless issues that were resolved in patch 5.31, such as when players couldn’t target the NPC Nervy Nipper with a gamepad or keyboard when doing the “This One’s for the Lovers” quest.

There are so many changes and new inclusions that it would be hard to include everything. So, we have only provided you with a summary of the update. If you do want to check out the complete, detailed list, head on over to the Final Fantasy XIV’s patch notes.

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