Were you also among the viewers who swooned over the happenings in the reality dating competition on Netflix, “Perfect Match”? “Perfect Match” may not be as popular as other reality dating shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” or as intriguing as “Survivor,” but the show has its pros in its own right. 

Hosted by 98° singer Nick Lachey, “Perfect Match” brings together contestants from other Netflix reality shows like “Love Is Blind,” “The Mole,” “Too Hot to Handle,” and more. The participants pair up and compete in challenges. As they go head-to-head to form relationships, the most compatible couples will then play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand-new singles they invite to the villa. 

At the end of each night episode, a participant without a match must be eliminated and leave the villa. The series started with 23 participants, but only two, a couple, emerged as the winner. In the show, those have to be Dom and Georgia. 

Though the show ended several months ago, people are still abuzz with its stars even today. Are you also among those curious about whether the couples’ relationships in the show continued until after the show ended? What’s the real score of the “Perfect Match” couples? Let’s find out. Let’s start with the winners, Dom and Georgia. 

Dom And Georgia

“Perfect Match” Season 1 (yes, there is a second season) ended with Dom and Georgia being voted the titular “Perfect Match,” emerging as winners. But, the two were not the only couple officially an item by the time the finale was aired. Chloe and Shayne, and Joey and Kariselle were also matched up during the show’s finale. 

Dom and Georgia cooled off after the show. Georgia said she and Dom have taken a break from sharing a bedroom. Dom lives in Canada, while Georgia is from Australia, and this long distance just became too hard for the both of them. 

Chloe And Shayne

Chloe also confirmed that she and Shayne have broken up. 

“I’m pushing towards my presenting and my acting,” she said. “Hopefully, Netflix will give me a Netflix Original! Comedian Chloe coming at ya!”

She added, though, that she hopes to find her real-life “perfect match” sooner and have children by she is around 25 or 26. (She is now 24 years old). 

Also, according to a March report on E! News, Chloe is dating hockey player Ivan Lodnia. Sad for the fans of Chloe and Shayne in the show, right?

Joey And Kariselle

How about Joey and Kariselle? Uhm, well, the two may be a “perfect match” in the show, but in real-life, this relationship did not push through either. 

“You live in different places, you’re trying to get on the same page with each other,” Joey said. “I think that both of us really respected each other enough to be able to walk away from the situation and really give each other time, distance, space.”

What a sad ending for the couples, no? – beyond the show? It’s just proof that what you see on TV is not what you get in real life. 

Well, anyway, you must get ready for another wave of relationships and goodbyes as “Perfect Match” Season 2 has officially been announced by Netflix. Get ready for another roller coaster ride. 

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