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We may call our travel pillows plane pillows at times, but that doesn’t mean that the only way to get great use out of them is when you are soaring up above 30,000 miles higher than the ground on an airplane. If you are also a traveler that spends a considerable amount of time riding on buses, trains, trucks, or your own automobile, a plane pillow should always be within arm’s reach, or even better, already behind your neck, supplying you with support.

Also, travel isn’t the only time that you need to buy a good plane pillow. Get one if you regularly struggle with morning neck pain, you have an office chair that is seemingly always uncomfortable, or if your bed or mattress isn’t providing you as much support as it should be.

Supplying yourself with a useful u-shaped plane pillow is a travel accessory that has multiple uses and benefits.

The odds are rather high that you have probably seen commuters prop up a plane pillow behind their heads during a train or bus ride. But what you may not be aware of is that a u-shaped pillow provides a natural resting position for their head to maintain the standard lordotic curve of their cervical spine for neck support.

What exactly is the importance of the cervical spine? It consists of seven bones in your neck that are all cushioned by spongy cervical disks and supported by muscles, with its typical shape being a slight curve called the lordotic cervical curve.

Activities that cause you to lose that natural neck curve, like bending your neck for too long or hunching over, cause stress on your spine that leads to neck pain.

Travel pillow gets the job done of maintaining your neck’s natural curve and supporting your head to prevent future suffering.

These plane pillows are usually smaller than the pillow you lay your head on at home and are tucked behind or around your neck in a comfortable manner to fill in all of the space between your neck and headrest to prevent your neck from bending backward.

Good lane pillows aren’t hard and overly firm. Instead, they are constructed of warm, light, and breathable material that is just firm enough to support your neck and contour to the shape and movement of your head.

The benefits of such a panel pillow include;

Prevents Fatigue

Traveling is already tiring enough as it is, so anything that will prevent you from getting that quick two or three-hour nap is an obstacle that should be alleviated, and a proper plane pill can be a savior in this department to feel refreshed when you arrive.

Decreases Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Have you been traveling and have had your assigned seat wind up next to someone who was snoring so loudly that it was the only thing that you could concentrate on until the plane landed?

Just imagine the embarrassment that you would feel if that individual was you. Snoring is normal, sure. But a plane pillow keeps your neck and head upright, which helps with making sure that your airways are not obstructed and prevents snoring and sleep apnea.

Portable and Mobile

Your plane pillow is not going to be the identical size of your bed pillow at home.

These days, plane pillows are small and portable and can typically be cleaned and smell fresh after being machine washed. If you don’t want to have to wash the entire plane pillow, simply remove the cover and then just clean the cover itself in the washing machine.

Warm and Breathable Material

  • When it comes to pet peeves that bother travelers, it can often be the lack of fresh air in whatever mode of transportation that you are spending those countless hours in.
  • The air inside a bus or an airplane can feel musky and dry, which can lead to your skin starting to start feeling rather pasty. In fact, the plastic covers on the seats can add to the irritation, making your ability to sleep comfortably that much more difficult.
  • When you use a nice memory foam plane pillow, you get the chance to experience a warm, breathable, and clean pillow while you are resting against it.
  • You will be able to lay your head down, and your cheeks and neck area won’t start to be overtaken by sweat.
  • If there is one thing that is absolutely vital while traveling, aside from arriving at your destination safely, it is your ability to be comfortable.
  • If you have to be stuck spending hours and hours in an irritated state, it won’t feel much like a vacation after all.
  • If you desire to get a little bit of sleep on the bus or plane, it will be dependent on what the pillow is made out of and the way you want to roll it with a memory foam plane pillow.
  • It must also be warm and breathable to avoid sweating and sticking on your face. Consider also the pillow’s top cover, which should be cotton or any other soft, smooth, and breathable material.
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