Play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in a Brand-New Light With This 4X Upscaled Textures Pack

To all Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players out there: you can now play this game under a brand-new perspective with this 4X upscaled HD textures pack that has been released by Modder ‘Kuzja80.’

Although at a whopping 19.5GB in file size, this texture pack is a definite must-have as it completely upscales the default texture of Oblivion. More specifically, this textures pack corrects upscaled normal maps and upscaled alpha channels.

Using a segmentation technique, Kuzja80 ensured that the textures are seamless and that there are no vectorizing effects.

Cuda, PyTorch, and Kuzja80’s custom neural net model were used in order to upscale the textures. The modder also released a series of screenshots in order to show what the game would look like when you use the mod.

Unfortunately, there are no before and after comparisons, which would have been better in order for us to truly see the difference.



That being said, if you wish to download and use this HD textures pack, you can do so here.

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