Players Frustrated As Destiny 2 Izanagi Burden Quest Bug Still Not Fixed

Destiny 2 players attempting to complete the Mysterious Box search to obtain the exotic Izanagi’s Burden sniper rifle have had a long and exhausting journey ahead of them. Despite expectations that the quest will be patched following a patch this week to address the issues, a new bug has emerged, breaking the quest once again and making it difficult for players to obtain the top-tier Izanagi’s Burden.

Bungie revealed today that the search is experiencing new challenges, which the company is actively reviewing. The issue seems to be that the quest does not recognize when players turn in such objects to advance the quest, including the Obsidian Crystal and the Forge Key. Bungie is advising players not to send in any of these things until the problem is resolved, as players have reported them being lost with little effect on the quest’s progress.

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This is particularly aggravating when it comes to the Obsidian Crystal, which can only be obtained by completing a Rare Black Armory bounty. Those bounties are exceedingly unusual, appearing at random after completing daily Ada-1 bounties and usually presenting Destiny 2 players with a goal that is far more involved and time-consuming than a standard bounty. Seeing the luck and time spent not count against progressing the quest while handing in a Rare bounty is causing players a great deal of annoyance.

Bungie announced the problem on its official help Twitter account, and scores of players responded, asking for fixes such as making the bugged measures auto-completed before an official patch is available, or even modifying the quest altogether, close to what happened in Shadowkeep when the quests for Jotunn and Le Monarque became simpler. Bungie has yet to provide any further information on what the patch could entail or when it will be published.

Unfortunately, since Izanagi’s Burden is one of the best weapons in PvE right now, and several groups want players to have it while playing the latest Garden of Salvation raid, this quest being broken is a bigger deal than it would usually be. As a result, new players and veterans who have never completed the quest will be unable to win it until the quest is set.

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