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In terms of popularity, blackjack is ahead of other gambling games. This trend is typical for both stationary and online casinos. This game has already had many versions, each of which has its own army of fans. Rules and possibilities may change, which makes the game more interesting. Depending on the format chosen, up to eight decks of cards can be used in the game. This brings variety to the game and allows for a unique experience for the players. In terms of winning, the casino is in a more advantageous position in relation to the player. But the advantage is small. If you approach the game with your own strategy, you can always increase the chances of winning.

Rules of the game

The main task of the player is to score 21 points or bring his combination closer to this value. If the threshold of 21 points is exceeded, a loss occurs.

It is important to know the numerical value of the cards during scoring:

  • if it fell from 2 to 10, then the player collects the number of points indicated on the card;
  • when there is a jack, queen or king in his hands, it means that the player received ten points;
  • the value of the ace can change at the decision of the player – it will be one or eleven.

In online blackjack Australia, the game is played with the dealer. As for the bets, they must be placed before the distribution. In the classic version, both the player and the dealer receive a pair of cards. The casino visitor receives the cards face up. The dealer only opens one. In the case of an ace and a ten-point card, a win is announced without continuing the round. The main thing is to decide correctly – whether to take cards further if there is no blackjack on hand.

The likely outcome of events in this case:

  1. Draw cards up to the maximum approach to 21.
  2. Refuse to receive a card. You can be happy with the alignment and not tempt fate further. If the dealer hands over a combination of 21 points, he will lose. If the sum of the cards is closer to 21 points than the opponent’s, the dealer wins.
  3. Doubling the bet. The player has the right to double the initial bet when a great combination hits his hands. Then he receives only one card.
  4. Splitting cards. A situation may arise when the player is dealt the first two cards of the same value. Now he has the right to split them into a pair of separate bets.

Online blackjack strategies

Every online casino user dreams of winning. For this, strategies are being developed that significantly reduce the mathematical probability of winning the casino. The strategy called “play the dealer” has proven itself well. The peculiarity is not to take a combination exceeding 17 points. In this case, you should not pay attention to the dealer’s alignment. And here concentration is much more important than memory.

The next option, “no rage”, is based on stopping when the combination exceeds 11 points. The odds of hitting an ace or ten are pretty significant. Therefore, it is worth stopping at this value and not moving on, hoping for a dealer’s mistake.

The classic strategy is based on the actions to be taken after familiarizing yourself with the opponent’s starting cards. The player will be helped in this case by a special table of the mentioned blackjack strategy. During the entertainment with the Internet platform, it is necessary that the table is located in front of the player’s eyes. As the statistics show, in this case, it is possible to reduce the advantage of the establishment.

Existing versions

Online blackjack has long won the hearts of online gambling fans. It is not difficult for a player to find a set of different versions of blackjack in the list of games of various online casinos.

A list of the most requested online blackjack options:

  1. Blackjack Switch. Here the player will compete on two fields at once. The user gets the right to transfer cards between tables when the first deal occurs. This version is most similar to the traditional version.
  2. Double exposure game. The nuance is that the first two cards are dealt with by the dealer face up. Mathematically, this increases the player’s chances of winning.
  3. Double attack version. There is an opportunity to double the bet or interrupt the game process at will.
  4. Pitch Blackjack. There are two decks of cards on the table. The surrender takes place face down. As it happens at the poker table. The rest of the rules do not differ from the classic version.
  5. Multi-Hand Blackjack. It is a traditional blackjack game. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the player acts simultaneously on several tables. Most often these are 3 or 4 fields. In total, the casino uses 8 decks of cards.

Key recommendations

Here are some tips from experienced gamers to improve your chances of winning:

  1. You should settle for a total of 17 points, especially if the dealer rolls a nine or more.
  2. If the dealer has 4-6 points on the table, it is necessary to slow down the game with a deal of 12 points or a little more. Don’t forget to double your bid.
  3. You need to double your bet when the dealer’s upcard is 9 or less. In this case, the player must have 10 or 11 points in his hands.
  4. You need to be sure to split a pair of aces.
  5. Ignore the insurance offer.
  6. It is better to give up than to constantly double your bets with a weak combination on your hands. This is not poker.
  7. At the initial stage, it makes sense to apply a basic strategy. This should apply not only to the first pair of cards but also to the further game.

Live Blackjack

Live communication with a dealer is a trend in modern online gambling. This option is used by regular players on online platforms. Using innovative technologies in online blackjack, the user can experience emotions comparable to being in a land-based casino. According to the players, this type of entertainment is more pleasant than a competition with impersonal software. The client is pleased with the live voice of the dealer. As for the rules, they do not differ from the classic versions of blackjack. Experienced users strongly recommend using this mode, especially during a pandemic when stationary casinos are closed due to sanitary requirements. It can be important for an online casino visitor to feel the original atmosphere of a gambling establishment in order to fully surrender to the process of the game.

Blackjack Tournaments

The existing online tournaments provide a unique opportunity to evaluate your experience and practical skills among the best players on the planet. If you really focus, you don’t need to use your phenomenal memory to win online blackjack Australia.

Virtual tokens are distributed to all participants and the process continues until there is one winner with the entire amount of chips left. After that, the winner goes to the final and plays among other champions. It is prestigious and pleasant to become a winner in the end. The rules may differ in different types of competitions. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly study them before each tournament. The size of the prize pool can also vary.


It is not for nothing that blackjack has been at the peak of its popularity for many years. Moreover, this is typical for stationary establishments and online gaming platforms. The basis of the demand for the game is the minimal advantage of the casino and genuine excitement. It is not difficult to apply conventional strategies based on the theory of probability here. Concentrating on the game allows you to consistently receive big wins.

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