PlayStation Exclusive Sifu Will Be Featured For Gamescom

Since its announcement earlier this year, the martial arts action game Sifu has generated a lot of hype. Since a consequence, fans of the game have been clutching whatever fresh information they’ve received, and thankfully, it appears like more is on the way, as the game has been confirmed to feature during Gamescom Opening Night Live on Wednesday.

The PlayStation console exclusive title will make an appearance during Opening Night Live with “interesting news,” according to the official Sifu Twitter account, @SifuGame. Sloclap, the game’s studio, also has some stuff to show off “before summer is done,” according to the account.


Sifu has made cameos at a variety of gaming events since its original unveiling in February 2021, so it’s only natural that it’ll make another appearance at Gamescom. It’s still unclear whether the tweet indicates that further information about the game will be released outside of Gamescom later this summer. With only a few weeks left in the season, it appears that Opening Night Live will be the final show, although no official confirmation has yet been given.

Fans have already been speculating on what kind of news watchers of the showcase could be in for. Sifu was supposed to come out later this year, but during Sony’s State of Play in July, Sloclap revealed that the game would be postponed until 2022. Despite the latest postponement announcement, many people believe that Sloclap has finalized the game’s release date and would reveal it on Wednesday.

While this might be speculation on the part of fans, it’s safe to assume that lots of Sifu’s gameplay will be showcased at the event. The State of Play for July showed an intriguing feature in which the player character matures with each fight defeat, which appears to be at the heart of Sifu’s game cycle. There hasn’t been much more information on how that mechanism will operate since the showcase, so perhaps, Sloclap will provide a little more insight into what fans can anticipate from it.

Even if there isn’t much new information about Sifu revealed during Opening Night Live, fans may be satisfied with seeing more of the game’s martial arts set-pieces until Sloclap is ready to disclose the game’s release date. According to the pre-release footage shown thus far, the varied settings in which fights take place will have an influence on the player’s available moves, so seeing more of that might help sell the game.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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