Ever wondered what PS5 game you could tackle together with your girlfriend? Do you fancy something cooperative or more towards a competitive experience? The new PS5 just got released and is already looking to set new standards for gaming. The PlayStation 5 comes with a new controller called DualSense. This has a revised design and new possibilities for haptic feedback. The older DualShock 4 controllers can still be used on the PlayStation 5, but only for PS4 games. After all, many games on the PlayStation 5 allow the controllers to be shared between two players. However, before downloading a game, you should check how many controllers are needed. The signs are good that the PlayStation 5 will once again be a very successful gaming console. This is a big advantage because it will lead to the release of many games for the PS5. But what about the classics? According to Sony, most PS4 games should also be able to be played on the PlayStation 5. So you can benefit from the wide range of local multiplayer games available for the PS4.

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Try this one with your GF: Overcooked 2. Running a restaurant is easy until the kitchen is attached to balloons and every one gets mixed up. Experience a cooking adventure with up to 3 friends in kitchens that were built so curiously that they would not have been approved by any authority in the world. You make sushi on a busy street, transport fish on a treadmill, and prepare a salad while the kitchen falls from the sky. Prepare to yell at your friends as you cook frantically, and make sure the kitchen doesn’t start burning. Chaos is inevitable, but that’s the charm of Overcooked 2. There is also a competitive mode in which two teams compete against each other, in case you want to bring another couple around and get competitive.

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If you want to experience a story together, try A Way Out. With “A Way Out” you are forced to play in pairs. In the course of about six hours, you will grow fond of Leo and Vincent despite some weaknesses in the story. Two criminals who want to escape from prison together and have to work together. A Way Out can be played in local multiplayer or online and lets the players choose the character they want to play. The game thrives on some interesting game mechanics, a cinematic staging full of heart, and of course the fun co-op gameplay. Since there is no single-player option at all, working with a second player is an essential part of the A Way Out experience. After breaking out of prison, you’ll be happy about the change of scenery. But on the run, you’ll have to continue to rely on your buddy to escape your pursuers, get out of shootouts unscathed, and ultimately get your revenge. And of course, there are many fun mini-games along the way.

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