Pokemon Go Adding A New Special Research

In July, Pokemon GO gamers have a lot to look forward to. As part of the Season of Discovery, Pokemon GO has been jam-packed with activities. Players are presumably planning countermeasures to face all of the Legendary Pokemon being brought back for raids as Pokemon GO Fest 2021 approaches. Not only that, but Pokemon GO has also revealed that it would be adding some new special research.

The Bidoof Breakout event is currently in full swing. No one knows why, but Bidoof has been running rampant in the world of Pokemon GO since June 25. This hasn’t gone down well with Pokemon GO enthusiasts, who have turned to producing memes using the Plump Mouse Pokemon. Now, it appears like Niantic is going all out to show its love for Bidoof since the new special study is released on July 1, which the firm has designated as “Bidoof Day.”


“Bidoof! Bidoof doof doof!” said Pokemon GO in a blog post. The business essentially announced that it would be releasing a slew of new features based around the Bidoof Breakout event. It would also be introducing a free event-exclusive Unique Research narrative for special prizes, in addition to the excess of Bidoof-related perks and incentives.

Furthermore, this is the first Special Study in which Pokemon GO players can make decisions that impact the plot of the research and even aspects of the event experience. That will certainly include rescuing any Bidoof players come across since even Team GO Rocket Grunts will have Shadow Bidoof to save. Players that finish the study will receive a unique Bidoof Hat avatar item at the end of it all.


Pokemon GO is a game that gives its users a lot of control over how they interact with their Pokemon. The addition of a storyline in which players’ choices have an effect is pretty cool, as the mobile AR game is somewhat integrating RPG-like elements. Even though it’s only available for one day, chances are Niantic may revisit more RPG-like Special Research events.

Until then, players have a lot of work to accomplish with the current Bidoof roaming around. The Bidoof Breakout event itself features exclusive Field Research that focuses on players catching all the Bidoof they can. With even more Bidoof related events incoming, it’s certainly not too late to join in the camaraderie.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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