Pokemon Go: How to Catch Reshiram

Pokemon Go always has a rotating set of various featured Pokemon so players consistently have a reason to come back to the game. This article explains how players can find and eventually catch the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram.

There are tons of unique Pokemon that players can encounter in Pokemon Go. The kinds and numbers are consistently changing as new in-game events introduce new Pokemon while others get removed from the lineup. With each brand new update, players can track down the most powerful Pokemon from the franchise and either brawl with them in Raid Battles or add them to their expanding collection.

One of the rarest Pokemon in the game is the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram. Reshiram is a part of the Gen V Pokemon and was the featured monster for Pokemon Black. The Pokemon has a Dragon/Fire typing which makes it an incredibly strong Pokemon and probably the best of that generation.

Reshiram wasn’t available in Pokemon Go until earlier this year via the Five-Star Raid Battles and a lot of players might still not have caught this awesome Pokemon. Below is a detailed guide on how to find and catch the legendary beast.

Reshiram is one of the rare Pokemons in the game and that means players will not be able to plainly encounter it in the wild. To find a Reshiram, players must engage in Five-Star Raid Battles. However, the Pokemon is so rare that it doesn’t always appear during these battles which mean players will need to wait until the Pokemon is featured in the Raid Battle.

After making sure that Reshiram is in the Raid Battle, players must make sure that they have a Raid Pass on hand. This item can be gained via buying it from the store or by visiting PokeStops. Once a Raid Pass is acquired, players can now fight Reshiram.

Reshiram is a difficult Pokemon to fight since it can dish out both Dragon and Flying attacks. Using Steel-type Pokemon against Reshiram is a bad idea which will likely result in a loss. Instead, a player’s best bet to defeat this beast is by bringing Ground or Fairy-type Pokemon. Ground-type Pokemon only deal decent damage but these monsters usually have high defense stats.

On the other hand, Fairy-types are one of the weaknesses of Reshiram and are capable of dealing massive damage to it. Reshiram has strong fast moves including Dragon Breath and Fire Fang while his charge moves are usually Crunch, Stone Edge, and Draco Meteor.


Once players have brought Reshiram down, they will be provided with a particular number of Premier Balls depending on how they performed in the fight. Players will only be able to catch Reshiram using these exclusive Pokeballs, so they must make sure that each ball counts.

In related news, as part of a collaboration with Paris Fashion Week, Niantic is adding exclusive items in order for players to play dress up. A Longchamp backpack will be available in the in-game store beginning October 2 at 11 AM ET.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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