Shiny Meltan Returning For A Limited Time in Pokemon Go

To commemorate the connectivity patch between Pokemon HOME and Pokemon GO, developer Niantic is bringing back the mysterious Shiny Meltan for a short time. Meltan is considered one of the rarest available Shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon GO trainers will have another opportunity at capturing one of their own in the coming days.

Meltan is a mythical Pokemon that is the only creature to make its initial appearance in Pokemon GO, and the only one obtainable exclusively through the mobile game. Finding a Shiny Meltan requires players to open a Mystery Box, which can only be earned if players transfer Pokemon to their Nintendo Switch using Pokemon GO or Pokemon HOME.

Meltan is also special because it is the lone Pokemon that is semi-Shiny locked. Every now and then, Niantic will randomly reveal a window of time in which Meltan has the probability of appearing in its Shiny form.

Now is the time fans have been waiting for, as the official Pokemon GO Twitter account has revealed a commemorative event that will unlock Shiny Meltan for a short period of time. The event will begin on Tuesday, November 16, and will conclude on November 23.

This gives players just eight days to locate a Shiny Meltan by opening Mystery Boxes. However, these exclusive boxes can only be used every three days. This means players will only be able to open three Mystery Boxes during the said event. Niantic also mentioned that after the event is over, Shiny Meltan will go back into hibernation until the next Shiny event.

The event also features an array of perks including new spawn rotations and various Pokemon appearing in eggs. Pokemon GO will also be including the Shiny form of Slowpoke to the game, allowing trainers to hunt Shinies for the first time since the game is released.


Dissimilar to Meltan, the Shiny form of Slowpoke won’t be leaving the game after the event has ended. Slowpoke will also have a higher chance of appearing in the wild, making it a little easier for players to find and catch it. Players can also acquire some Melmetal gear that they can equip for their in-game avatar during the event.

Meltan is certainly a unique Pokemon that fans who aren’t regular players of the game should add to their collection. While the Pokemon is extremely rare to encounter because of the requirements for catching it, but all will be worth it since Melmetal is a powerhouse on the battlefield. As the only Pokemon native to Pokemon GO, a Shiny Meltan would make an extra-special catch in anyone’s collection.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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