New Apex Legends Leak Showcases Holo-Day 2020 Skins

We’re getting closer and closer to December, which means that the holidays are just around the corner. Video games usually celebrate this special and festive annual occasion with Christmas-themed events, skins, and so much more.

Apex Legends won’t be missing out on all the fun this year as well, as a leak indicates that the game’s “Holo-Day” event will be returning once more. For last year’s Holo-Day celebration, Respawn Entertainment added a slew of fun and new content for players to enjoy, including a Christmas train mode and new skins.

Naturally, excited fans can’t help themselves from digging through the game in an attempt to gather as much new information as possible. It seems Twitter user @Biast12 was successful, as the user was able to find helpful information regarding the upcoming event.

The return of the Holo-Day event was initially leaked earlier this month, and now, thanks to Biast12’s findings, we now have more information about the skins, event lobby, event bundles, and more for this year’s holiday event.

From what we can see, it appears that Respawn Entertainment has mixed both new and recycled content together, creating a fresh yet familiar vibe.

Biast12 posted a series of tweets showcasing everything they were able to find about the event. There’s even a video recording showing the several new skins that players can expect to find during the Holo-Day event, along with bundles that contain a mix and match of skins, weapon camos, and more.

Based on the leaker’s tweets, it appears that Loba, Wraith, Gibraltor, Lifeline, Mirage, and Crypto will most likely get their own bundles. As a matter of fact, Crypto may even get two. However, fans of the newest Legend, Horizon, may not be in luck this time, as it doesn’t seem like she will be getting a themed skin.

One noteworthy thing about these skins, however, has to do with Mirage and Gibraltor. It’s safe to say that their themed skins for this year are just going to be recycled from last year’s event.

More specifically, Mirage’s holiday-themed skin makes the Legend look like a Nutcracker, and it looks like the exact same skin from last year. On the other hand, Gibraltor is dressed up as a giant polar bear, just like last year. As for everyone else, their skins have a more winter theme with icy accents or designs.

That being said, recycled or recolored skins is a common occurrence in Apex Legends, much to the dismay of many fans. While players are hoping and expecting new skins for their favorite Legends, they end up disappointed when they find out that the design and models of the skin are exactly the same except for the colors.

Even a game as popular as Fortnite also utilizes skin recolors and many players think that this kind of output is a bit lazy. In fact, some rare skins sometimes end up with a decreased value due to the fact that other skins look too similar to them.

Apex Legends recently just started a new season, but despite the fact that it has a bunch of new and exciting content, the player engagement for Season 7 isn’t as high as it used to be. In any case, if done right, the upcoming holiday-themed event might hopefully bring back those players who decided to take a break from the battle royale title.

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