Pokemon Sword and Shield Giving Away Free Shiny Toxtricity Next Week

Players of the famous RPG Pokemon Sword and Shield Canada and North America will be able to get their hands on a free Shiny Toxtricity for their game this month. Toxtricity is one of the new Pokemon that was added in Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of the eighth-gen of the franchise. The dual-type poison and electric Pokemon evolves from a Toxel into two unique forms of Toxtricity – Low Key and Amped – depending on their nature.

“Shinies”, as they are called in the gaming community, are rarer kinds of existing Pokemon that feature a unique color palette compared to their original forms and are some of the most difficult to find and capture, particularly when hunting down a Shiny Legendary Pokemon.

The term originated from the animation and sound effect payers would see and hear when meeting one in the games and the origins of Shiny Pokemon can be tracked all the way to Gen 2 of the franchise including Pokemon Crystal, Gold, and Silver.


In these games, players encounter a Red Gyarados inside Lake of Rage, which is considered one of the franchise’s first Shiny Pokemon. Ever since Shiny Pokemon have become more famous and common in the games, but the odds are still extremely low.

Serebii.net reports that signage has been seen in both Canada and the United States revealing the events that will allow Pokemon Sword and Shield players to obtain a free Shiny Toxtricity beginning February 19.

The event is a tie-in with the new Shining Fates set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game that launches the same day the Shiny Toxtricity event begins. The event and the Shiny Toxtricity will be delivered through the Pokemon Pass app at GameStop in the United States or a serial code at EB Games in Canada.

The Shining Fates DLC for the Pokemon Trading Card Game introduces more than 100 Shiny Pokemon to the game, with Shiny Toxtricity being one of them. Shiny Pokemon emerging in the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been nearly sparse over the years so seeing more than a hundred of them being added in one expansion is a pretty huge event, which may have provoked this latest promo for a free Shiny Toxtricity.

Getting the chance to claim a Shiny Pokemon for free is surely a good thing considering how hard it is to locate and capture them. It’s uncertain whether the event will be made available in other regions but these kinds of retailer-exclusive promos aren’t really unheard of.

Hopefully, the same or an identical promo will be made available in other regions as well to provide other players the opportunity to get a free Shiny Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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