Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League sees Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang set against a dark and evil version of the Justice League led by a purple-eyed evil version of Superman.



Developed by Rocksteady, it is slated for a 2022 release and is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Gotham Knights will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One since it is a cross-gen release, while The new anti-hero game will not.

We got some gameplay in the Gotham Knights reveal but all we got for Suicide Squad is a cinematic trailer (see below). Both games have a co-op component that allows players to play solo or with friends online.

The difference between both games is that while there are four playable characters in both games, Suicide Squad has a four-player co-op while Gotham Knights only has two-player.


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