Apex Legends Now Allows Solo Play with New ‘No Fill’ Option

Apex Legends players can look forward to a bunch of new features that’s headed for the online title, as Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed. One of these additions is a new “No Fill” option. According to the update summary on Electronic Arts’ website, this new feature will allow solo players to still queue into a match even though they’re not part of a team.

Without a doubt, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play first-person hero shooter is one of the biggest, most popular battle royales available right now. One of the reasons why Apex Legends stands out even though the industry is quite saturated at this point is partly because of its gameplay format.

Specifically, Apex Legends players simply fight other teams in groups of three, unlike other team-based shooters which require five or six players for each team. For quite a while now, Apex Legends players have been requesting Respawn Entertainment to add a feature that allows them to join a match solo in order to avoid teaming up with unhelpful players or players who simply want to mess around. Having this kind of teammate is, of course, frustrating, especially if you’re aiming to win the match.


With this newest patch, however, it appears that fans will finally get their request. While it will allow players to play solo, it will also come with some limits. If you check the Apex Legends lobby, you’ll now find a new checkbox option called “Fill Matchmaking.” As a default, this box will be marked check, and queuing into a match with this option enabled will put you into either Duos or Trios, depending on which mode you initially chose.

If you want to play solo, however, you simply just have to uncheck the box before queuing into a match. Keep in mind that this means you’ll be thrown into a match with enemy players who are part of a team of two or three, while you’ll have no one to rely on but yourself.

Although Apex Legends was initially created as a team-based multiplayer game, this new solo mode will definitely allow you and other players to come up with unique and creative strategies to ensure they survive against the other teams.

Of course, there are other possible reasons why someone would want to play on their own. In the aforementioned post, playing without a team could be a great way to warm up as well as for doing weekly challenges. If you play solo, you don’t need to worry about dragging down your teammates or being the one dragged—you can simply focus on shooting other players, especially if you just want to practice.


This is also a great feature to have when a new legend gets introduced into the game, as it allows you to practice the new character and learn how they play. But as mentioned, Respawn Entertainment has implemented some limitations to this new option.

For one thing, the “No Fill” option won’t be available for ranked matches. Not only that, each match will only be limited to having six solo players. In any case, it’s still wonderful that Respawn added this new mode. Not only will players be happy with it, but it’s also a clear sign that the developer is really listening to its fans and making an effort to add in their requests.

However, some fans find that Respawn should have just added a Singles mode to keep things balanced. After all, a team composed of three or two players will undoubtedly destroy a solo player in a match. Who knows? Perhaps Respawn will add this option in the future. For now, players who want an extra challenge can go ahead and queue as a solo player.

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