Fish Table Games

Fish tables are the gaming industry’s latest attempt to capture younger demographics. To reel in (pun intended) players who crave a greater sense of interactivity. They are skill-based arcade-style shooters that fall into the redemption category. Meaning, you claim a prize corresponding to a score attained via your gameplay. You play most of these fish titles at physical locales using a classic arcade joystick embedded in their foosball-like tables, which boast massive LSD screens that feature diverse aquatic life, a mixture of real-based and fictional creatures.

Fishkeeping games have gotten traction as of late due to their relaxing nature. There, the aim is to keep virtual fish healthy and alive, while here, you end their lives in search of a high-score. The goal at these tables is to successfully shoot as many fish as possible during a round using different style weapons. You can take care of the slower fish via small cannons. However, for the beasts of the depth, you must use more powerful ones that drain your credit faster. A strategic approach is not an option but a necessity when enjoying some fish-shooting action.

While these tables are accessible at some land-based venues, know that you will more easily find them in their online variation.

Fish Table Games Online

As mentioned, due to legal restrictions, not all casinos carry skill-based games. Thus, it is far easier to locate such titles at offshore digital platforms that accept players from your region. If the word offshore scares you, do not let it. These sites get regulated by reputable international overseeing bodies and boast the same licensing criteria as top US regulators, implementing similar high-end safety and fairness policies. Plus, most of them allow skill games.

Therefore, if you have chosen to play titles in this genre over your smartphone or desktop computer, here are some options to play fish table games online.

Fish Catch by iGaming pioneer RealTime Gaming is likely the most popular internet iteration of a fish table. It is a highly-interactive video game where you can do battle against up to three other players. Fish Catch may have no jackpot reward, but a random Mermaid’s Luck wheel can increase your win potential up to 250x per shot. So, things could get extremely lucrative at a drop of a dime here.

Other popular fish games at online casinos include Ocean Blaster 2 by FunFair, Fish Hunter Haiba by Eurasian Gaming, Fishing War by Spade Gaming, and Fishing Kingdom by NetGame. Alternatively, instead of fish, you can shoot monsters and wild beasts on any of the products in Betsoft’s Max Quest series. These games work under the same principles, and you can also find them under the specialty games tab at most online casinos that accept US players.

Table Games

Globally, skill-based gambling is a bit of a grey area. In the US, only Nevada and New Jersey have passed laws regulating this sphere in 2016. So, if you do not live in these two states, you are more likely to come across fish tables at sweepstakes parlors and arcades rather than your local casino. Though, gaming-wise, there is no difference regarding the machines that these venues house and those found on premium gaming floors. They even boast similar prizes.

That said, the Sands, Cosmopolitan, and Palms in Las Vegas carry fish tables and similar games that you play using different controllers, such as sticks, rods, and more. However, the gameplay of these is more-or-less identical, except that you may not be shooting fish but catching them. Some of the more popular products you will find at land-based gaming establishments are Arcade Fishing, Fishing Paradise, Fire Kirin, and any game in the Ocean King franchise. When it comes to the latter, Ocean King 3 is the preferred choice for most players.

To Wrap Up

Remember, fish tables are multi-player games. If you do not act quick or wise-enough, someone sitting next to you can snag the fish you’ve had your eye on right from under you and leave you empty-handed. Thus, keeping a watchful eye on all the goings-on and having fast reflexes are essential parts of the winning formula.

If you have ever had a desire to gamble while playing a video game, know that currently, fish tables are the most viable option for you putting your gaming skills to use en route to claiming real money prizes. On top of being a money-making opportunity, they also offer a social experience where you can trash-talk, boasting about your shots/score to the other players participating in the round.

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