Raiden Shogun Explained In New Genshin Impact Trailer

The revelation of new characters in Genshin Impact is always thrilling, but it’s much more so when it comes to the playable Archons. An Archon, a heavenly creature who represents one of the game’s seven major components, rules each of Teyvat’s seven areas.

Venti and Zhongli are the only two gods that have been playable characters thus far. These figures, Barbados and Morax, are mortal manifestations of the Archons themselves. Raiden Shogun, the human form of the Electro Archon Baal, is now available in the game, giving gamers a third playable Archon to choose from.

Raiden Shogun is immensely strong both in terms of history and gameplay, as one might expect from one of Genshin Impact’s deities, but not in the way that many may think. She uses polearm weapons and the force of Electro to kill her opponents quickly, and she serves as a burst DPS and support combination.


Raiden Shogun is featured in the trailer below, along with what gamers may anticipate from her character. It begins with some background on her, detailing how the people of Inazuma revere her as the personification of endless thunder and brilliance. She is unique in her desire for eternity, and she lives up to her moniker.

Raiden Shogun is also shown to be the originator of the Inazumans’ art of utilizing both swords and polearms, which intriguingly transfers into gameplay. She utilizes a polearm as her weapon in most situations, but with her Elemental Burst, she may transform to the Musou Shinsetsu, a dazzling blade composed of pure lightning.

Raiden Shogun’s entire arsenal centers around Elemental Bursts, both her own and those of her allies. She will accumulate charges when surrounding teammates use their Elemental Bursts, allowing her to unleash a devastating assault of her own.

She dramatically boosts the pace at which teammates acquire energy as a result of this, enabling for additional Elemental Bursts to be launched. Raiden Shogun can increase the frequency of these strong attacks and increase their potency, leading to some deadly combinations.

Raiden Shogun is a Goddess, but that doesn’t mean she’s without flaws. The trailer ends with a hint at the Archon’s catastrophic mistakes, and it’s apparent that the Traveler will become entangled in the situation as a result.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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