New Overwatch Deathmatch Map Announced

The gender discrimination litigation scandal that Activision Blizzard has been dealing with for a long has had an impact on a number of titles, including Overwatch. The new Deathmatch map Malevento is now available for testing on Overwatch’s PTR, indicating that at least one of the upgrades postponed by the upheaval has been deployed.

Malevento was supposed to be introduced to Overwatch in mid-August, according to reports, but those plans were pushed back due to the uproar. Now that the map has been formally evaluated, it looks to have a lot to offer in terms of both aesthetics and possible plot hooks.


Malevento is a Deathmatch map that pits players against each other in an apparently tranquil Italian hilltop village, complete with attractive architecture, stunning clifftop vistas, and building interiors that blend magnificent Renaissance-style artwork with sleek modern furniture.

Near addition, the announcement on the official Overwatch Twitter account reveals the existence of a hidden Talon base in the town, so gamers may want to investigate. Malevento will be an Overwatch map full of fascinating narrative nuggets and worldbuilding features, based on the video and patch notes.

Malevento, according to the Overwatch PTR Patch Notes, isn’t only a pretty place to battle to the death in—also it’s a town with a cursed past that may put players’ lives in jeopardy. Its numerous notable monuments include references to Caterina Pastore, a Renaissance painter who likely met a sad end here, and the teaser closes with a question about whether the reader will fall victim to Malevento’s curse. In the winding alleys of this new map, it looks that Overwatch players will need some brilliant moves to emerge victorious.

As of this writing, it appears that Overwatch fans are less than excited about the new map, owing to a lack of enthusiasm for new Deathmatch maps rather than any flaws with Malevento. It’s been three years since the last meaningful match, according to some Twitter fans, and Blizzard’s priorities aren’t impressing them.

With Overwatch 2 still in development and the first Overwatch mired in controversy over the McCree name change, fans may have to settle for Deathmatch maps for the time being. With any luck, Blizzard will be able to work things out soon and its games will be able to resume their normal update schedules.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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