Rainbow Six Siege Guide: How To Play Ash

As we continue our Rainbow Six Siege guide series, it’s time to learn a little about Ash. One of our favorite Operators in the game is Ash. She can storm inside the goal and knock out opponents, or she can play it safe with her squad.

However, we believe that Ash’s life will pass her by quickly because she is more akin to a speeding Operator, and many players like that sort of gaming. Players should, though, think twice before running in with Ash. That’s why we’ve put together this Ash tutorial. Hopefully, it will aid in your comprehension of her.

Rainbow Six Siege is more than just about human skill; it’s also about teamwork. If you have a decent squad, you should try to stick with them as far as possible. If not, it’s just for you because that’s when the rushing begins.



With the potential to break walls with Breaching Rounds and the speed of her Speed, Ash may be just what you’re looking for. Her armor, on the other hand, is fragile. That doesn’t mean she’ll die quickly; rather, it means you’ll use her pace, special power, and storm to knock out at least two of the enemy opponents.

This is even when the drone strategy is implemented. Rather than rushing the Drone all the way to the target, make sure your first drone is unharmed and try to aim it where you want to breach. So, after you and your teammates have located the goal, make sure you position your drone exactly where you want to enter.


This would give you a huge advantage because you’ll be able to inspect the drone before entering, search the environment and see if it’s safe, and then storm in. You should complete this as quickly as possible in order to gain the necessary advantage. Do not use any of the M120 Compact rifle’s entry ammunition. Instead, make use of it wherever possible.

As previously said, Ash’s life is short, and playing Ash is more of a do-or-die case. Only to let you know, unlike Hibana, Ash cannot break Reinforced Walls, so… it is what it is. When Hibana and Ash are on the same team, however, it works well. Storming together may be a fantastic experience. You’ll see that playing ASH in Rainbow Six Siege is similar to playing in a thunderstorm. Let’s have a look at the Ash Rainbow Six Siege gadgets and guns.


Although the R4-C is a stronger pistol than the G36C, there is a time and a place for both, and no, access to an ACOG sight isn’t a requirement. The angled grip, which is available on the G36C but not on the R4-C, is the difference.


The G36C has a 2.0X magnification, which can help with distant goals, but when you’re playing Ash, you’re more likely to be right in front of the enemy. At close range, the faster ADS time will mean the difference between life and death, regardless of scope magnification.


Breaching Rounds from Ash are very helpful. They have the same effect as impact grenades and can even be used vertically. Expert Ash players will use them to destroy utility or force anchor players out of powerful positions.

Beginner Ash players will merely use them to open soft walls for lines of sight, while expert Ash players will use them to destroy utility or push anchor players out of powerful positions. Currently, they’re commonly used in competitive play on the strong deployable shields but expect any improvements to the way Ash is played with the Operation Neon Dawn upgrades.


Ash is dropping her flashbang grenades and gaining a claymore in particular. She won’t be able to clear “catcher” devices of her own come early December (the rumored release date for Neon Dawn). Thankfully, Neon Dawn’s catcher operator updates would make teamwork simpler and strong defender positions easier to kill.


You’re the top of the spear when it comes to Ash. It would be best if you made an effort to be the first to enter the building and accept the first commitment. This isn’t an invitation to go straight to the bomb site and act stupid.


Ash’s gear is designed especially for gunfights. You’re misplaying Ash if you’re not playing violently. Her breaching rounds would be far less relevant in Neon Dawn than they were before, liberating her from explicitly utilitarian goals. Request that a colleague flies you in, and then follow that drone.

Again, selecting Ash in the operator selection process does not permit you to play alone. To win a round, a good team can use the picks a good Ash can make, and a good entry player will have a big effect. You’ll need to be strategic about your entry points, but map control is essential. If the entire offense is rappelled or outside the structure for two and a half minutes, the defuser cannot be planted.

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