Everything You Need To Know About Warframe Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

Sanctuary Onslaught is one of Warframe’s most enjoyable and satisfying late-game events. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) is a more complicated type of Sanctuary Onslaught commonly used for farming Focus or relics. The fact that it has a chance to lose sections for the Khora Warframe is the big draw for most teams.

In this Sanctuary Onslaught guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about SO and ESO, like how to get Khora and the Warframes are better for tackling the more difficult ESO grind.

How Does It Work?

By talking to Cephalon Simaris in the Sanctuary (located at Relays), you can enter the Sanctuary Onslaught modes. The completion of the New Strange quest is needed to enter these modes. The Recruiting talk is always a good place to look for teammates.


Sanctuary Onslaught is an endless quest in which a squad of four faces hordes of enemies with escalating difficulty over time, similar to Survival missions. Sanctuary Onslaught, unlike Survival missions, does not have Life Support Modules but has a productivity counter that the squad must sustain by destroying opponents. In these campaigns, enemies do not lose resources or mods, and containers are not accessible in these areas. However, as is customary, defeated opponents lose Health and Energy balls.

Though Survival missions take place on a regular map with no limits on movement, Sanctuary Onslaught is divided into “zones.” Zones are locked rooms that last 2.5 minutes each, in which the team will either proceed to the next zone through a conduit or return to the mission’s starting point. It’s worth noting that Eximus foes add significantly more to the productivity meter.

Notice that to engage in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, the Warframe must be level 30. It is more difficult than Sanctuary Onslaught, but it also offers greater incentives.

Which Warframe To Use?

Since enemies take a long time to pump up the challenge in Sanctuary Onslaught, you can get away with almost every Warframe. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is even more difficult, and it takes the best squad structure to survive as long as possible. For ESO teams, the normal choice is:



Trinity, dressed as an Energy Vampire. Trinity’s job is to keep the staff alive by providing them with health and energy. In this mode, a strong balancing of the two is crucial since your team must be alive as well as have enough resources.



Rhino also serves as a backup character, giving the entire squad a much-needed Skill Strength boost. To keep the buff as high as possible, refresh your strength at frequent intervals. Stomp can also be used to keep opponents at bay when they come too close.

Although these Warframes provide the team with power, energy, and survivability, they can also deal damage with their weapons.



Saryn is the ideal ESO damage dealer. It’s relatively safe to disperse the spores in closed rooms with a huge number of opponents. Saryn needs a lot of uptime, so make sure your spores are active all over the place. When the enemies die, the spores’ power begins to dwindle.


Equinox (Day Form) is a little easier to understand because you don’t need to fire at enemies to disperse spores. Be sure to use your squad buff to gain more Skill Power.



Volt and Equinox are synonymous words. Volt can protect the unit, which helps a lot with survivability, in addition to having great crowd control with his fourth ability.

Best Strategies

Unlike Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, Sanctuary Onslaught does not necessitate extensive preparation. The former is more laid-back, with each player choosing their own frame and no one responsible for helping the rest of the team. You still don’t need to form your own team; instead, you can enter a random lobby and begin playing until you’ve been matched with at least two others.

Make A Premade Squad


Getting a pre-made squad is essential in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Without a Trinity on your side, you will not be able to succeed. Having two of them in your team, on the other hand, is a complete waste of time, as it reduces the DPS and increases the difficulty even faster than it would otherwise. Recruiting chat will help you locate a group; search for messages like “LF ESO DPS” rather than “LF ESO 2/4.” In Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, I’ve always noticed that groups searching for unique Warframes are more valuable when the bulk of the squad is still ready to go.

Stick Together

Keep a close eye on each other during the mission. It’s critical to stick close to your teammates so that you can benefit from their fitness, resources, and strength buffs. The most important thing is to stay alive, which can be difficult, particularly in later areas. Being next to your teammates ensures that you have someone to help you rehydrate. If one teammate is knocked down for an extended period of time, the mode becomes even more difficult.

Watch Efficiency Meter


Keep an eye on the Efficiency meter as well as the cooldowns on your own abilities. Both Warframes, from Saryn’s spores to Trinity’s recovery, must maintain their abilities during these missions. Don’t waste Efficiency pickups unless you really need them, and when moving around the zone, make sure you don’t pick them up by mistake. Mark them so that everyone knows they’re there, and clarify the same in team chat before you start the mission.

Use your best builds for your Warframes and weapons. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught matches are quite annoying if you go in with sub-par gear or Warframe builds.

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