Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star Confirmed

Rainbow Six Siege was released in 2015, but developer Ubisoft has continued to fund the competitive shooter since then. Rainbow Six Siege has earned new operators, reworks, and maps with each seasonal upgrade and more to come with the announced Operation North Star.

The second season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 6 roadmap, Operation North Star, will be released later this year, with two more set for later this year. Ubisoft unveiled a brief guide at the start of Year 6, which began with Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist, to give fans an idea of what to expect during the year.

The roadmap did not provide much detail, but it did reveal that the operator for Operation North Star would be from the Nakoda Nation. The Nakoda are indigenous people from Canada and the United States who now live in Western Canada.

Although Ubisoft’s announcement of the event provides no additional detail, Rainbow Six Siege is prone to leaks in the run-up to new content releases. Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star has proved to be no exception, with information about the season leaked as early as last month.

So far, the leaks have largely centered on specifics about the current operator, alleging that they would be a protector codenamed Thunderbird. They’ll be a three-speed character with a SPAS-15 or Spear.308 main weapon, a Q-919 or Bearing-9 sidearm, and either impact grenades or C4 as a secondary weapon.

Since the leaks haven’t revealed the operator’s special talent, gamers will have to wait until the official unveiling to find out. With the launch of its previous campaign, Rainbow Six Seige set new concurrent player records, so Operation North Star will certainly attract a sizable crowd.


While no official release date for Operation North Star has been announced, given that Rainbow Six Siege seasons usually last a little over three months, it should arrive in early June. The announcement comes after some players and content developers have called for a boycott of Rainbow Six Siege due to what they say is a widespread cheater and hacker epidemic.

Ubisoft has yet to respond to the boycott or provide any further information about the situation. Fans will hopefully be able to experience Operation North Star when it is released shortly.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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