Microsoft Will Hold Exclusive Launch Event For Xbox Series X on Release Day

Both of Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will be launching next week. Hype for the two new machines has been built so high, as Microsoft will finally be able to press the reset button on what was a thrilling ride of the Xbox One generation.

To commemorate the event, Microsoft has revealed that they will be holding an exclusive kick-off event coinciding with the release of the Xbox Series X/S on November 10. Players from all over the world can join in the festivities via the live digital broadcast beginning at 2 pm ET and 11 am PT.

In a press release about the upcoming release of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, Xbox head Phil Spencer encourages players of “all identities and backgrounds” to participate in the online event. He pleads fans to “grab your device of choice” and enjoy games along the side of game developers and Xbox employees, without the need to go out.

Spencer recognizes today’s “difficult times” that a lot of people are going through right now while grasping the ways that the video game industry have brought fans together “across physical and social distances”.

As for the event itself, Spencer enumerated a few possible plans for the Xbox Series X release, such as sneak peeks at the upcoming next-gen titles, interaction with developers, and charity efforts concerning Let’s Plays being done by game developers. No other details were shared about which charities will be financed or how players can donate, though players can expect to get more information about these in the coming days.

To make things simple, while Spencer is attempting to build up hype for the next-gen console’s release, he’s also attempting to calm assumptions about what this event is all about. As stated previously, Xbox sees this as a chance to bring players together, and as such, there won’t be huge revelations as part of the event. Spencer depicts the event as “a moment of play, not press releases.”


While it is certain that there will be fans who are hoping for something more focused on building excitement for the next-gen console release window, it’s logical why Microsoft is passing up this option. The global pandemic certainly makes this console release much different than all the previous ones, and preorders have proved that the Xbox Series X/S consoles will be sold out during release day. There is no reason not to make this a low-key commemorative event, where most of the hype is based around online community building.

Microsoft does have another reason for attempting to drive the focus away from announcements and game releases. The company’s next-gen consoles are not releasing with any main platform exclusives. Halo Infinite, which was since the beginning was supposed to be the Xbox Series X’s big launch title, has been pushed back and still has no definite release window.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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