Capcom Believes Resident Evil Village Will Be Best Survival Horror Game Of All Time

Of all the much-awaited games launching this year, Resident Evil Village is one that most fans in the gaming community are very hyped for. Following up the huge amount of success that Resident Evil 7 received when it first launched, Resident Evil Village appears to carry over a lot of things that fans loved about the past game while implementing several elements featured in classic entries. From the look of things, the development team at Capcom seems pretty sure about their work.

When it was first released, Resident Evil 7 was met with a large amount of success by many in the gaming community. It managed to reinvigorate the franchise’s popularity to the point where remakes of classic games are getting almost frequently launched and multiple Resident Evil-related projects have been given the green light on Netflix. But according to a Capcom producer, the eighth installment in the mainline franchise will achieve massive new heights.


In a recent interview released by PlayStation Official Magazine, Peter Fabiano, a Capcom producer, talked about certain details about the new game and spoke very highly of what is being worked on. As a matter of fact, Fabiano believes that Resident Evil Village will be “the best survival horror game to date.” Compared to all of the other remarkable survival horror games already launched, Resident Evil or others, it will surely be exciting to witness how Resident Evil Village performs.

Additionally, Fabiano also commented on different other facets of the story and characters of the game. Of course, he didn’t want to spoil any details of the story, but he did confirm that Lady DImitrescu and everything else presented in the game ties into the overarching storyline and lore that Resident Evil has built across tons of games.


Although, it does seem a bit difficult to believe that anything in any of the advertising material for this game relates to the overarching story of Resident Evil. Then again, that was also the case for Resident Evil 7 and since this is the extension of the story of Ethan Winters, it appears likely that it will all tie in together somehow. Though, so far, the cameo of Chris Redfield is one of the only links to the Resident Evil lore.

Regardless, it will be exciting to see how things will play out when the title is ultimately launched this May. This game is not the only piece of Resident Evil media that fans can expect this year. In addition to all the Netflix projects, there is also the upcoming film remake and the rumored reboot of Resident Evil 4. It appears now is possibly the best time to be a Resident Evil fan.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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