Red Dead Online’s Halloween Event Disappoints Fans

One of the most highly-anticipated events when it comes to video games takes place during the Halloween season. As such, Red Dead Online fans have been looking forward to the game’s Halloween-themed event for this year, which will be ongoing from October 20 through November 16, only to be left disappointed.

The online game’s Halloween Pass has been encountering issues and bugs due to the sudden stream of players. Seasoned gamers know how the content pass format can be very divisive, as it usually offers two different kinds of progression.

The first one is the kind that is free for all to earn, whereas the other kind requires players to spend real-world money in order to earn bonus rewards.

Rockstar Games decided to shake things up for Red Dead Online this year by releasing locking progression for all the players. That being said, it’s not entirely free, as players could still obtain this progression with the use of gold bars, which is the in-game premium currency.

The Halloween Pass also adds a couple of new cosmetics to the game, such as different weapon skins, masks for horses, and hand wraps for player outfit customization. Although, some fans haven’t been entirely impressed by these additions, with one Reddit user complaining that some of the added cosmetics were lazy.

This is so lazy. from RedDeadOnline

In addition, Red Dead Online’s Halloween event features new legendary animal hunts. However, because there was a sudden increase in players, these animal spawns were typically more overpopulated than anticipated. As such, hunting became a match against numerous other players who didn’t do well when it came to cooperation.

As for the event itself, the prices for almost every in-game item that you can purchase has been reduced. Not only that, but many game modes are rewarding players with triple the experience. This includes Dead of Night, the special multiplayer shootout for this year’s event.

This is a complete opposite of last year’s Fear of the Dark game mode, which was extremely well-received by fans. Fear of the Dark set players against powerful supernatural monsters, while Dead of Night is more of a free-for-all shootout that contains minimal Halloween-themed additions.


We can imagine the fans’ disappointment, as they were crossing their fingers for something more familiar. More specifically, long-time Red Dead Redemption fans have been hoping that Rockstar Games will bring back the Undead Nightmare DLC from 2010.

Ten years have passed since the DLC’s release, and fans were met with a Halloween event that couldn’t be more different than the spiritual successor they were hoping for. Even though this year’s Dead of Night event provided a new twist to Red Dead Online’s already-existent multiplayer game modes, some fans are still yearning for the kind of thrilling gameplay that only Undead Nightmare could provide.

In other news, fans have been complaining about a pesky bug present in Red Dead Online’s Halloween Pass progression. Although Rockstar Games said that a fix has already been released, players still claim that the issue is still ongoing.

Even though players weren’t impressed by the Halloween-themed event this year, Rockstar Games was still able to provide enough new content for players to engage in. All we can hope for now is that the developer will do a better job next year.

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