Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: How To Find The Legendary Big Horn Ram

Red Dead Redemption 2 provides players with almost unlimited hours of entertainment. There’s always something to do in Rockstar’s open-world title, from scripted side quests to random encounters. Hunting legendary creatures is a fantastic sport. These monsters are a little more difficult to find than their normal counterparts, but the benefits are well worth the extra effort.

No matter how you slaughter legendary creatures, you’ll still get perfect pelts. They can also be sold to the trapper or fences to create exclusive clothes or trinkets – objects that provide your character benefits. But, if you’re looking for the mythical ram, keep reading.

Where To Start


Begin your quest for the famed big horn ram in the West Grizzlies, just northeast of Cattail Pond, which is also a nice fishing location. It’s a lovely part of the map, but it can get cold, so bring some warm clothing to keep your cores warm when you search.

Raise the cores as well. If you’re not sure where this is, go to Valentine and go west; after a quick walk or trip, you should be able to find it.


Go into Eagle Eye and search for the shimmering yellow particles to get your first hint, east of the northern shoreline. The first clue can also appear as a question mark on your map. Bears live in this area and have a bad habit of creeping up on unwary hunters, so be cautious when checking on the tracks.

If you wish to recreate a scene from The Revenant, though, you shouldn’t avoid the wolves. Just not the fabled bear; that’s somewhere else. The second clue can be seen along the pond’s southern shore. Since there are usually moose across the pond, don’t let them distract you or concentrate on their footprints.


Continue following the ram tracks until you reach the pond’s edge. There should be some steep rocky formations where the ram is most likely to be found. You don’t want to climb straight up because this isn’t Skyrim. Instead, turn around and climb the gentler slope to the south.

Keep Stealthy

To prevent the ram from being spooked and fleeing, remain crouched or use some cover smell. The glaringly white ram should be visible from the top of the rock formations. It’ll go down if you shot it in the head with your Dead Eye a couple of times.

Use a poison arrow and stand on its tail while succumbs to the poison if you want a clean kill for roleplaying purposes. Try killing the legendary alligator if you want to hunt something more dangerous, something you’ll want to keep away from.

Where To Take Trophies

Place the ram’s hide on your horse after it has been skinned. Remember to take the carcass as well, as you can sell it to a trapper. The best trapper to see is the one to the east, located just above and between the V and E on the map of New Hanover.


This is the most successful trapper to visit since he is located next to the Emerald Ranch fence, allowing you to sell all of the ram pieces easily. Don’t panic if you’re killed on the way and losing your trophy; the trapper will “dig” it; you’ll miss out on the bonus from selling it all.


Both the hide and the carcass should be sold to the trapper. The Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps, the Legendary Ram Hat, and the Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves are all available for purchase with this item.

Immediately purchase the Legendary Ram Batwing Chaps and the Legendary Ram Hat. You’ll still need a fine boar pelt for the Legendary Ram Rifleman Gloves. These are part of the Stalker collection of clothing. You might even use one of the hide pieces to make the Legendary Buck Vest, but you’ll have to chase the Legendary Buck first. This is a piece from the Trophy Buck collection.


You can unlock the Ram Horn Trinket by selling the ram horn you get from skinning the famed animal to a fence. With this useful horn, you will get twice as much Wild Mint, CreepiYou your herbs. This is a godsend for any aspiring Wild West chef. Check out this with this useful horn page for some of the best talismans and trinkets around.

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