Destiny 2: How To Get The Loud Lullaby Weapon

The Necromantic Strand is a Destiny 2: Shadowkeep piece. One of the tasks in the Essence of Brutality search is to find it. Since it isn’t labeled on the charts, you might have trouble locating it. When you’ve done all of the assignments, you’ll be given the Loud Lullaby as a weapon. This guide will teach you where to find the Necromantic Strand in Destiny 2 so that you can finish the cleansing.

Necromantic Strand Location

It is said in the quest description that it can be found in the Hall of Wisdom. That’s the Hellmouth’s underground place. To get to the catacombs underneath the Moon’s surface, go to the eastern part of Archer’s Line and look for a tall, glowing entrance. Continue walking through the halls until you reach the Hall of Wisdom.


You’ll see a space illuminated by an orange crystal chandelier as soon as you walk down the corridor. That’s where you’ll find the Necromantic Shard, which is in the shape of a weapon component on the sheet. You’ll finish the job if you interact with it.

Essence of Brutality

Having hand cannon kills and completing operations on the Moon are the other two tasks. Just public occasions, lost sectors, and patrols, according to the definition, count against the number, so don’t bother with quests or regular or weekly bounties.

Once you’ve done the cleansing, you’ll be given the legendary Loud Lullaby hand cannon. It has an Aggressive Frame and is decorated with feathers and trinkets. This increases damage while still increasing recoil.

It doesn’t seem to be particularly spectacular, but if you’re a collector, you’ll want one for your collection. It can turn out to be fantastic until the world gets its head around it and finds a strong use for it, as for all modern weapons.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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