Resident Evil 8 A Lot Bigger Than RE7, More Details Unveiled

For the most part, Resident Evil 8 looks like a natural expansion of Resident Evil 7, keeping the game’s first-person point of view and general gameplay style. However, there will be some critical differences between Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8. This includes the size of the games, as Capcom producer Peter Fabiano has revealed that Resident Evil 8 will be “much larger” than Resident Evil 7.

Fabiano said that much in a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. However, the game producer didn’t give specific details aside from this. It’s uncertain if this means that the world of Resident Evil 8 will be bigger, or if its means that the game itself will be longer. Resident Evil 7 had a relatively short playtime, which is typical for most titles in the Resident Evil franchise, so it will surely be exciting to witness how long Resident Evil 8 lasts.


In the interview, Fabiano also mentioned some other features fans can expect arriving in Resident Evil 8, specifically as it refers to the PlayStation 5. Resident Evil 8 will use the PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio capabilities to make fans feel like the audio is coming from all around them. Fabiano also confirmed previous claims that the PlayStation 5 SSD means Resident Evil 8 has virtually no loading times, something that will possibly true to the Xbox Series X edition of the game.

Sadly, the last-gen editions of Resident Evil 8 are unlikely to have these advantages, so those playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can anticipate longer loading times, as well as less remarkable visual and audio performance.

On the bright side, those playing Resident Evil 8 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should still get the same general gameplay experience as those on the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, which means they can enjoy the bigger game when compared to Resident Evil 7.


While it’s uncertain how long it will take players to finish a single playthrough of Resident Evil 8, the game already appears to have a bit more replayability compared to Resident Evil 7. For example, Resident Evil 8 has a Resident Evil 4-inspired merchant, who players can interact with to buy weapon upgrades and other helpful items.

In most Resident Evil titles with upgradable weapons, it’s virtually impossible to entirely upgrade everything in one playthrough, so the merchant might be one good reason why players go back and play it all over again.

It is also worth mentioning that Resident Evil 8 comes with a multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Re:Verse, which should guarantee that the game gives players even more bang for their buck when compared to Resident Evil 7.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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