Resident Evil 8: Village Might Have New Crafting System

Capcom might be adding a new gameplay mechanic to the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 8: Village. During the Tokyo Game Show 2020 event, Capcom revealed a new gameplay trailer for the title.

Along with that, the company was given thirty minutes to answer as many questions as possible about Resident Evil: Village, as well as present the new features and content that players might find in the game.

Resident Evil 8 is expected to have a lot of new additions, such as more open environments that you can explore extensively. However, it’s also been said that Capcom has come up with an idea to include new gameplay mechanics as well, such as a new crafting system.

Naturally, the fans’ interest has been piqued. In fact, many are already thinking about the possible ways this new crafting mechanic will help in their strategies for fighting off the monsters.


Actually, the audience wasn’t able to view the new gameplay footage themselves during the Tokyo Game Show. They were only able to glean details about Resident Evil 8 from Comedian and Singer Eiko Kano, who was able to play some never-before-seen parts of the title.

Kano revealed to the audience that during the beginning of the game, the enemies would drop valuable resources such as money and materials, which could then be used for the new crafting mechanic.

He also goes on to discuss the other ways you can interact with Resident Evil 8’s surroundings. In the portion he played, which took place in winter, Kano said that he didn’t have a lot when it came to weapons and ammunition.

As such, he made use of the game’s environment in order to keep himself alive. For instance, he would make use of the furniture to attack the enemies in Resident Evil 8, or use couches in order to block the doors so that zombies wouldn’t be able to get inside.


Because of this situation he was in, Kano made an amusing comparison between Resident Evil 8 and Home Alone, saying that both of these titles have impressive ideas when it comes to homemade traps.

So far, this is all we know about the supposedly-new crafting system. Perhaps this new mechanic is meant as a guide to players; something that will help them traverse the new Resident Evil environment all while trying to stay alive within the ongoing zombie apocalypse.

It’s rather unfortunate, but we all still have so many questions when it comes to Resident Evil 8: Village. What we have so far about the new mechanic is from word of mouth, and until we actually see more direct gameplay footage for this, we can only assume so much about how far and how in-depth Capcom is willing to take the game’s crafting system.

In any case, it’s already a relief to know that Capcom is planning to expand the Resident Evil series onto the next-gen consoles.

The Resident Evil franchise is a pretty well-loved one, so we can only hope that Resident Evil 8 will be able to live up to the hype, just like how Resident Evil 7 did when it was first released.

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