Resident Evil 8 Voice Actress Dies at 39

The Capcom family experienced a massive loss last January 24, as Resident Evil 8 voice actress, Jeanette Maus died at the age of 39. Maus will voice the witches who follow the villain Lady Dimitrescu, who she calls her “daughters”, in the forthcoming new installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 8, along with a few other characters. Although Resident Evil 8 is not due for launch until May 7, 2021, the death of Jeanette Maus has certainly caused a considerable impact on the video gaming world.

Born in 1982, Maus grew up in the northwest and took theater arts at the Cornish College of Arts in Seattle. After graduating, she featured in commercials and also taught at John Rosenfeld Studios for nearly a decade.

In addition to voice acting, Maus was also a cast and co-writer in the movie My Effortless Romance in 2008. Other notable acting credits include Your Sister’s Sister in 2011 and a cameo in the film Charm City Kings in 2020.

The official Twitter account of Capcom posted last January 27 that they “are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Jeanette Maus.” Capcom also gave their condolences to the late actress’ family and friends.

John Rosenfeld Studios also posted a message on Instagram, depicting the actress as having “an indomitable spirit and was hungry to be the best person, the best teacher, the best friend and the best actor she could be.”

Maus had been open to the public about her fight with colon cancer for the past eight months, setting up a GoFundMe campaign along with her fiancé to help cover her medical expenses. She was also diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and had contracted COVID-19 before she died.


Though Maus may not have lived to witness how her voice brought to existence the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu, early reports reveal that she did an exemplary job. Considering the fandom that Lady Dimitrescu moved from her appearance in Resident Evil 7, that is quite an achievement, especially for a newbie to video game voice acting.

The voice of the daughters was heard at the start of the recently revealed trailer, and the daughters were featured during the entire trailer. Maus’s eerie laugh, in particular, garnered attention from fans of the franchise.

Although Resident Evil 8 would have been the first video game voice acting credit received by Maus, her impression has already certainly been felt. Based on the outflow of condolences from the gaming industry and support to her family and friends, she was supposed to do more great things in the new Resident Evil title.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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